Margaret Kalacska

Margaret Kalacska photoRemote Sensing

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography
Office: Burnside Hall 622
Phone: 514-398-4347
Fax: 514-398-7437

Mailing/Courier address:
Sherbrooke St. West 805
Burnside Hall 705
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9

margaret.kalacska [at] (E-mail)
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Instagram Applied RS Lab and Fish and Forest project

Academic background:

  • PhD Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta (2006)
  • MSc Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta (2004)

Research interests:

My research focuses on the application of remote sensing (satellite and airborne imagery) to environmental and forensic questions. I am particularly interested in historical land use change as documented by early Earth Observation data as well as airborne hyperspectral imagery and high resolution UAV videography. 

Some recent publications (students and PDFs underlined):

Kalacska M., Arroyo-Mora J.P., Lucanus O. Comparing UAS LiDAR and Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for Peatland Mapping and Virtual Reality (VR) Visualization 2021 Drones 5(2), 36

Kolmann M, Kalacska M., Lucanus O, Sousa L, Wainwright D, Arroyo-Mora J.P., Andrade M. Hyperspectral data as a biodiversity screening tool can differentiate among diverse Neotropical fishes. 2021 Scientific Reports 11:16157

Rowan G.S.L, Kalacska M. A review of remote sensing of submerged aquatic vegetation for non-specialists. 2021 Remote Sensing 13(4):623

Arroyo-Mora J.P., Kalacska M., Løke T., Schläpfer D., Coops N.C., Lucanus O., Leblanc G. Assessing the impact of illumination on UAV pushbroom hyperspectral imagery collected under various cloud cover conditions 2021 Remote Sensing of Environment 258:112396

Inamdar D., Kalacska M., Arroyo-Mora J.P., Leblanc G. The Directly-Georeferenced Hyperspectral Point Cloud: Preserving the Integrity of Hyperspectral Imaging Data 2021 Frontiers in Remote Sensing 2:675323

Sousa L, Lucanus O, Arroyo-Mora J.P, Kalacska M. Conservation and trade of the endangered Hypancistrus zebra (Siluriformes, Loricariidae), one of the most trafficked Brazilian fish. 2021 Global Ecology and Conservation 27:e01570

Osei Darko P, Kalacska M, Arroyo-Mora J.P., Fagan M E. Spectral complexity of hyperspectral images: A new approach for mangrove classification. 2021 Remote Sensing 13(13):2604

Elmer K, Kalacska M. A High-Accuracy GNSS Dataset of Ground Truth Points Collected within Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, Quebec, Canada. 2021 Data 6(3), 32

Lucanus O, Kalacska M, Arroyo-Mora JP, Sousa L, Nobre Carvalho L. Before and after: A multiscale remote sensing assessment of the Sinop dam, Mato Grosso, Brazil. 2021 Earth 2(2):303-330

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