Margaret Kalacska

Remote Sensing

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography
Office: Burnside Hall 622
Phone: 514-398-4347
Fax: 514-398-7437

Mailing/Courier address:
Sherbrooke St. West 805
Burnside Hall 705
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9

margaret.kalacska [at] (E-mail)
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Academic background:

  • PhD Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta (2006)
  • MSc Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta (2004)

Research interests:

My research focuses on the application of remote sensing (satellite and airborne imagery) to environmental and forensic questions. I am particularly interested in historical land use change as documented by early Earth Observation data as well as airborne hyperspectral imagery and high resolution UAV videography. 

Current Projects:

Some recent publications (students and PDFs underlined):

Dalva M, Moore TR, Kalacska M, Leblanc G, Costopoulos A. Nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide dynamics from experimental pig graves Forensic Science International. 2015; 247:41-7.

Svob S, Arroyo-Mora JP, Kalacska M. A wood density and aboveground biomass variability assessment using prefelling inventory data in Costa Rica. Carbon Balance and Measurement. Carbon Balance and Management. 2014;9:9.

Leblanc G, Kalacska M, Soffer R. Detection of single graves by airborne hyperspectral imaging. Forensic Science International. 2014;245:17-23.

Hedjam R, Ziaei Nafchi H, Kalacska M, Cheriet M. Influence of color-to-gray conversion on the performance of document image binarization: toward a novel optimization problem. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 2014;24:3637 - 51.

Kalacska M, Arroyo-Mora J, de Gea J, Snirer E, Herzog C, Moore TR. Videographic analysis of Eriophorum vaginatum spatial coverage in an ombrotrophic bog. Remote Sensing. 2013;5:6501-12.

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