Administration & Staff

June Connolly - Undergraduate CoordinatorJune Connolly

Undergraduate Coordinator
undergrad.geog [at]
Tel: (514) 398-4951
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 705

June is responsible for scheduling all the undergraduate courses for the department including 500 level combined graduate/undergraduate courses. she also assist students with general inquires, and works closely with the Undergraduate Program Advisor to verify that students have met their program requirements for graduation.

Moshe (Mike) Dalva - Research TechnicianMoshe (Mike) Dalva

Research Technician
moshe.dalva [at]
Tel: (514) 398-4957
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 610

Mike's work involves supervision of the soils/biogeochemistry lab; instructing students on the use of various analyzers; Installation and troubleshooting of lab and field equipment measuring carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide; monitoring and collection of field data through various loggers.

Graduate Coordinator

(This position is in the process of being filled)
grad.geog [at]
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 705

The graduate coordinator assists graduate students with thesis submissions, fellowships, TA applications/assignments, comprehensive exams, admissions, and general inquiries.

Paula Kestelman - Senior TechnicianPaula Kestelman

Senior Technician
paula.kestelman [at]
Tel: (514) 398-4310
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 610

Responsibilities: Lab and field course safety. Maintenance, preparation, purchasing and insuring of field equipment used in courses and at some field sites. Coordinating of renovations to classrooms, labs and offices.

Michelle Maillet

Undergraduate Program Advisor (Academic Associate)
advisor.geog [at]
michelle.maillet [at]
Location: Burnside Hall, Room: 323

Michelle provides information on our Department's undergraduate programs and courses, evaluates course equivalencies in Geography, approves course substitutions, and recommends undergraduate students for graduation when they have fulfilled our program requirements. She can refer students to academic, health, and other resources throughout the University and is the "go-to" person for undergraduate student affairs. 

Marisa MastroberardinoMarisa Mastroberardino

Administrative Assistant
marisa.mastroberardino [at]
Tel: (514) 398-4114
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 704

Marisa is the Administrative Assistant who supervises the Geography Department. She is the "go-to" person if you have questions or concerns.

Luciana (Lucy) Scigliano

Administrative Coordinator
accounting.geog [at]
Tel: (514) 398-8892
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 705

Lucy process casual POPS salary payments, helps with the processing of invoices on MMP, and processes and reviews departmental expense reports.

Joseph VacircaJoseph Vacirca

IT Support
joseph.vacirca [at]
Tel: (514) 398-4879
Location: Burnside Hall, Room 723

Joseph is responsible for IT support in the Geography Department.

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