Current Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Disclaimer: The following list shows those students in our department who have consented to have their names appear below; it is not a complete list of all of our current students. The list includes the name of the supervisor, and the (sometimes draft) thesis title.


Amyot, Frances, (Pollard), UAV Mapping and monitoring of changing permafrost conditions in the Canadian High Arctic.

Anderson, Darya (Ford), Bakeapple Picking in a Changing Physical and Social Landscape.

Boudet, Fanny (MacDonald) Exploring rural-urban connectivity: linkages between urbanization and agricultural change in the Global South

Côté-Roy, Laurence (Moser), Morocco's Master-Planned Future: Deconstructing the Kingdom's City-Centric Reform.

Cronin, Holly (Robinson), Institutional innovation in emerging seaweed aquaculture industries.

Ehalt Macedo, Heloisa (Lehner), Improvement and validation of a global river routing model.

Erl, Chris (Forest), There’s a Party at City Hall: Political Party Networks and Candidate Diversity in Canadian Municipal Elections”.

Florez Bossio, Camila (Ford), Urban Adaptation to Climate Change in Lima, Peru.

Galappaththi, Eranga (Ford), Opportunities for climate change adaptation: comparative analysis on Indigenous fisher communities in the Canadian Arctic and Eastern Sri Lanka.

Harder, Silvie (Roulet), Carbon and Energy fluxes from a peatland with permafrost.

Johnson, Lesley (Kalacska and Coomes), Detection of indigenous and non-indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

Lesnikowski, Alexandra (Ford). Adaptation Implementation in Local Government: A policy instruments approach.

Lumley, Sam (Sieber), Using Geoweb technologies to understand and communicate climate change.

Monnerat, Mélie (Turner), The ethnic minority livelihoods in the Sino-Vietnamese borderlands: the case of spice commodity chains.

Reid, Geneviève (Sieber), The Geoweb, Geospatial Ontologies, and Eastern Cree Conceptualisations of Space and Time.

Renwick, Kelly Ann (Ross), Low social support and living alone as determinants of premature mortality and hospital utilization in Canada.

Roy, Cameron (Pollard), Origin of massive ground ice in the Eureka Sound Lowlands, Nunavut.

Slack, Patrick (Sarah Turner), Black Cardamom’s impact on Hmong food security and livelihoods in the Bat Xat district of Northern Vietnam.

Sohns, Antonia (Ford and Riva), Household Water Vulnerability in the Arctic. 

St-Gelais, Rémi (MacDonald), The global distribution of soil nutrient management and dietary nutritional production in agriculture.

Stephenson, Eleanor (Wenzel), The politics of food and food security in Arctic Canada.

Ward, Melissa (Pollard),Permafrost-active layer dynamics and feedbacks with climate forcing in ice-rich sediments, Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut.

Wilbur, Alyssa (Moser), Social exclusions in Dompak: Indonesia's new master-planned city.

Wustenberg, Lauren (Coomes), Dynamic change in peasant agriculture in the Peruvian Amazon.

Živković, Tatjana (Moore): N2 fixation in bogs as an important nitrogen input.

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