Barbados field course in Winter 2023: How to apply

Students interested in applying for the Barbados field course held over reading week in winter 2023 GEOG 496: Geographical Excursion are invited to email an application to the Instructor as outlined below. Selection is based on four main factors: program, GPA, application statement, and date the application is received.

The application should be a Word attachment. Please use BARBADOS 496 2023 – your name as both the SUBJECT LINE for the email and the FILE NAME of the attachment. Email to tom.meredith [at]

The attachment should include, in this order,

  1. your name, email contact, program and year,
  2. CGPA or GPA from last two terms (and add a note of explanation if you believe your GPA is not an accurate reflection of your actual academic ability).
  3. whether or not your program requires a field course,
  4. a short application statement (150 word max) addressing
    • how the field course would contribute to your academic program,
    • what you would hope to get from the field course, and
    • what you think you could contribute to the field study group.

Don't wait, apply now!

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