Academic Half Day

Academic Half Day

A series of seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons. Residents in the program are excused from clinical duties: AHD is protected teaching time mandated by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Attendance is mandatory. The academic activities include lectures, journal clubs, and innovative and interactive adult teaching techniques. Senior residents are given oral examinations in preparation for the Royal College Certification Exam. 

If you are unable to attend AHD you must notify the program office. 

Acceptable reasons to miss AHD: night shift, approved leave (vacation, study, personal, or conference with proof of registration), exam, illness (notify the program office immediately), maternity/paternity leave, patient acuity (notify us immediately and copy the staff surgeon or CTU Director). Junior residents may also be excused if they are scheduled to cover ACS.

Unacceptable reasons to miss AHD: OR, routine work or clinical duties, personal activities (including dentist, doctor, etc), research schedules interfere with teaching (interviews, meetings, etc).

Please sign in to the General Surgery MyCourses space for assigned readings for each session and to access lecture slides from previous talks.

Year 1 Blocks


Block Leader

Breast     Dr. J-F. Boileau
Colorectal Dr. M. Boutros
Upper Gastrointestinal                                                            Dr. C. Mueller
Trauma Dr. K. McKendy & Dr. E. Wong
Vascular  Dr. H. Gill

Year 2 Blocks


Block Leader

Surgical Oncology Dr. S. Dumitra
HPB Dr. J. Barkun
Endocrine Dr. E. Mitmaker
Abdominal Wall Dr. M. Vassiliou
Small Bowel, Spleen, Appendix Dr. J-S. Pelletier
Thoracic  Dr. J. Cools

Year 1



Didactic Session 1-3 PM Topics / Instructor

Senior Teaching 3-5 PM Topics / Instructor     

Sept 2   Orientation to AHD (4-4:30) / Dr. G. Ghitulescu PEMs (4:30-5:30) / Dr. S. Kazandjian
Sept 9 Breast Breast Block Pre-Test & Management of High Risk Breast Lesions and DCIS / Dr. S. Wong Breast / Dr. S. Wong
Sept 16 Breast Clinical Trial Review / Dr. J-F. Boileau Breast / Dr. J-F. Boileau
Sept 23 Breast Breast Cancer Classification, Special Presentations of Breast Cancer (Pagets, Pregnancy Associated, IBC, Occult Primaries etc.) (2-4) / Dr. S. Wong  Breast (4-5) / Dr. S. Wong
Sept 30 Breast Management of Node Positive Breast Cancer, Benign Breast Disease / Dr. J-F. Boileau Breast (Review Pre-Test Qs) / Dr. J-F. Boileau
Oct 7   Open Forum / Dr. S. Liberman 

Abdo Wall, Hernia, ACS  (3-5)/ Dr. S. Bergman   

When Hernias Are Not That Simple (5-6) / ACS Clinical Congress

Oct 14   Fellowship Applications (1-2) / Dr. P. Fata HPB (2-4) / Dr. J. Barkun
Oct 21   Publish or Perish - Tips and Tricks on Abstract/Manuscript Writing / Dr. L. Lee Biliary, Abdo Wall, SB, Appendix / Dr. S. Fraser
Oct 28 Vascular Mesenteric Ischemia (2-3) / Dr. H. Gill Vascular Surgery / Dr. H. Gill
Nov 4   Applied Ethics in General Surgery / Dr. E. Bereza Sarcomas (4-5) / Dr. S. Dumitra
Nov 11 Colorectal Anal Pain & Rectal Prolapse: How Much Do You Know? / Dr. S. Liberman

Colorectal (3-4) / Dr. M. Boutros

Feldman Rounds (4-5) / Dr. L. Feldman

Nov 18   21st Annual MIS Visiting Professor / Dr. Eric Mark Pauli MIS Visiting Professor / Dr. Erik Mark Pauli
Nov 25 Colorectal All the Anorectal You Want to Know: Anal Abscess, Fistulas, Hemorrhoids and More! / Dr. B. Stein Colorectal / Dr. A. Pang
Dec 2   CAGS Exam (Group A: 9:45-1:00, Group B: 1:45-5:00)  
Dec 3   CAGS Exam (Group A: 9:45-1:00, Group B: 1:45-5:00)  
Dec 9 Colorectal Endoscopic Polypectomy / Dr. K. Waschke Formal Mock Orals (4-6) / R5s only
Dec 16  

Junior Wellness Session (1-2:30)/ Dr. M. Chamodraka

Open Forum (2:30-3:30) / Dr. S. Liberman

No Senior Teaching
Dec 23   HOLIDAY  
Dec 30   HOLIDAY  
Jan 6   Virtual Patient: Complex Trauma Scenarios / Dr. D. Fleizser & Dr. P. Fata Endocrine / Dr. E. Mitmaker
Jan 13 Colorectal Decision Making in Rectal Cancer / Dr. L. Lee Surgical Trivia / Dr. S. Liberman
Jan 20 Colorectal

Difficult Colon Cancer Cases / Dr. A. Pang

Colorectal / Dr. L. Lee
Jan 27 Colorectal

Difficult Diverticulitis Decisions (1-2) / Dr. G. Ghitulescu

Anal cancer: risk factors, diagnosis & management (2-3 PM) / Dr. N. Morin

Colorectal / Dr. N. Morin
Feb 3 Colorectal

IBD: Surgical Pearls (1:00 - 2:40) / Dr. P. Charlebois

Donning & Doffing (2:40 - 3:00) / Habib Skaff (Infectious Control)

Colorectal / Dr. Vasilevsky

Junior Teaching: Stomas (3-4) / Louise Samuel

Feb 10 UGI

Upper GI & Bariatics Block Pre-Test (1:00 - 1:30)

Peri-op Decision-Making and Surgical Approach - Benign UGI (1:30 - 3:00) / Dr. M. Hanson

Formal Mock Orals (4-6) / R5s only
Feb 17 UGI

Bariatrics: Indications, Outcomes, Operative Procedures, Post-Surgical Anatomy and Physiology / Dr. S. Demyttenaere

Post-Bariatric Complications and Surgical Emergencies /  Dr. A. Andalib

Navigating Sexual Misconduct in the Learning Environment (3:00 - 3:30) / Dr. O. Tse

UGI / Dr. A. Andalib (3:30-5:00)

Junior Teaching: Benign Perianal Disease (3:30-4:30) / Dr. J. Holland

Feb 24 UGI

Senior Wellness Session Group A (1:00-2:30) / Dr. Chamodraka

Senior Wellness Session Group B (1:00-2:30) / Lea Levert-Gagnon

T-Res Case Logging (4:30 - 5:30) / T-Res Representative 

UGI / Dr. M. Hanson (3:00 - 4:30)
Mar 3 UGI

Adjuvant Therapies for Gastric and GEJ Cancer / Dr. J. Cools

Management of Barrett's Esophagus and Esophageal ADC / Dr. L. Ferri

UGI / Dr. Y. Nevo
Mar 10 UGI

Decision-Making in Gastric GISTS / Dr. C. Mueller

Controversies in Gastric Cancer/ Dr. C. Mueller

UGI / Dr. C. Mueller
Mar 17 UGI

Upper GI & Bariatric Block Post-Test & Post-Test Take Up / Dr. C. Mueller

UGI / Dr. M. Al Mahroos
Mar 24   CaRMS  
Mar 31 Trauma

Pre-Test - SCORE Curriculum (1-2) / Dr. K. McKendy

Trauma Cases (2-3) / Dr. K. McKendy

Trauma / Dr. K. McKendy

Apr 7 Trauma

Penetrating Trauma / Dr. T. Razek

Hand Hygiene (3-3:15) / Dr. M-A. Lefebvre

Junior Teaching: Trauma (3:15-5) / Dr. K. McKendy
Apr 14 Trauma Rocke. H. Robertson Visiting Professor

Formal Mock Orals (4-6 PM / R5s only)

Apr 21 Trauma Pancreas and Duodenum / Dr. J. Grushka

Trauma / Dr. D. Deckelbaum

Apr 28 Trauma 

Thoracic Trauma (1-2) / Dr. J. Grushka

Splenic and Liver Injuries (2-3) / Dr. P. Fata

Trauma / Dr. P. Fata
May 5 Trauma

Airway and penetrating neck injury (1-2) / Dr. K. Khwaja

Blast Injury, Military Trauma (2-3) / Dr. B. Levit

Junior Teaching: Trauma (3-5) / Dr. B. Levit

Formal Mock Orals (4-6 PM) / R5s only

May 12   L.D. MacLean Day / Dr. T. Grantcharov No Senior Teaching
May 19 Trauma 

EAST Guidelines (1-2) / Dr. E. Wong

Post-Test Review (2-3) / Dr. E. Wong

Trauma (3-4) / Dr. E. Wong

FMRQ PEMs (4-5) / Dr. S. Kazandjian

May 26   Faser Gurd Day / Dr. Ko No Senior Teaching
June 2   TBD  
June 9   TBD  
June 16   TBD  
June 23   TBD  
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