Looking for a Research Associate opportunity OR looking to do a Postdoc in Genetic Epidemiology or Bioinformatics?

Come join our world-class research team at McGill University!



Postdoc opportunity  



Candidates will have a PhD in one of the following domains:

  • Genetics
  • Epidemiology
  • Statistical Genetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Candidates must have completed their PhD within the past 5 years to be eligible for the postdoctoral fellowship


Other favourable skills and background:

  • Strong English language writing and presentation skills
  • Clinical training
  • Strong knowledge of bioinformatic tools and the ability to analyze large-scale genomics datasets, including next-generation sequencing and genome-wide genotyping datasets
  • Good organization skills
  • Familiarity with computer programming is an asset
  • Strong work ethic

Research Associate opportunity


We are seeking a Research Associate to join our team to assist in the creation and management of a research program to improve clinical care through the use of computational genomics.



  • PhD in genetics, bioinformatics, computer science, mathematics or computational biology
  • Analysis of large-scale cohorts, such as UK Biobank.
  • Experience working in an HPC environment.
  • Experience working in cloud computing
  • Over one years’ experience in programming for research programs related to biological problems
  • Comfortable leading a team of graduate students and staff
  • Data analysis expertise in R
  • Deep understanding of the files and data arising from genome-wide genotyping, whole genome sequencing and whole exome sequencing
  • Bioinformatic tool expertise including: GWAS software, managing sequence data, large-data set manipulation
  • Experience in software development will be an asset



  • Developing bioinformatic and computational methods to improve genetic risk scores to predict disease
  • Using these methods to generate genetic risk scores to identify individuals at risk for disease
  • Apply methods to identify genetic determinants of disease
  • Undertaking quality control and processing of large-scale genetics data
  • Collaborating with other institutions and leading scientists to execute research programs
  • Generate and maintain computational code
  • Writing scientific papers and manuals to describe the results of research programs, document their output and enable others to use the resultant code
  • Supervise graduate students to help them complete their research programs
  • General administrative tasks related to the above work program
  • Assist in writing grants to secure funding for the research program
  • Participation in the creation of new research programs


Salary: Salary will be competitive and aligned with the candidate’s skills and track-record. Starting salary will range between $60,000 and $95,000.


The applicant will have high-level proficiency in English reading, writing and presentations.

French is an asset.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must be able to work legally in Canada as a citizen, permanent resident, work permit holder, or be able to apply for a valid work permit.

Interested applicants should contact Ms. Darin Adra by email: coordinator-richardslab [at] mcgill.ca





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