Tianyuan Lu

Tianyuan joined the Richards lab in 2019 under co-supervision of Dr. Brent Richards and Dr. Celia Greenwood. He works on several research projects in the domain of the genetics of common disease. He is interested in polygenic risk scores, genome-wide association studies, statistical method development and functional genomics utilising data from ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and other experiments.


L Li, C Wang, T Lu, S Lin, YQ Hu. Indirect effect inference and application to GAW20 data. BMC Genetics 2018, 19 (1), 67.

MR Li, HY Wang, N Ding, T Lu, YC Huang, HX Xiao, B Liu, LF Li.Rapid Divergence Followed by Adaptation to Contrasting Ecological Niches of Two Closely Related Columbine Species Aquilegia japonica and A. oxysepala.Genome Biology and Evolution2019, 11 (3), 919-930.

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