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The training of the next generation of cancer fighters is essential if we are going to beat the disease. Watch below as three of our trainees share their passion for science and #WhyCancerResearch story.

Maia Al-Masri

Meet Maia Al-Masri, a fourth year Ph.D. student in Dr. Luke McCaffrey's lab, who is studying cellular metabolism which she explains, "is how a cancer cell gains its nutrition and how is that different from what a normal cell is doing."







Picture of Maia Al-Masri

Shawn McGuirk

Like many Shawn McGuirk has a personal connection to cancer, but he also admits having fallen in love with the field of metabolism and the importance it plays in cancer. Watch his #WhyCancerResearch story

Shawn is one of over 200 students and trainees who are trained at the GCRC each year.





Picture of Shawn McGuirk

Vanessa Sung

Vanessa Sung, a Ph.D. student in Dr. Morag Park's lab, was inspired to get into cancer research after her father was diagnosed with cancer, "it's a story that a lot of cancer researchers can identify with," she says.

Hear her #WhyCancerResearch story, and learn more about the important research she is working on now.



Picture of Vanessa Sung


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