Scientific Events

1. Seminars: Frontiers in Cancer Research is the GCRC’s major series of lectures featuring speakers from around the world who are leaders in diverse fields of cancer research. GCRC trainees have the opportunity to meet and interact with the speakers during their visit. Please contact Daniel Caron (daniel.caron2 [at] for more information.


2. Research Day: Research Day is a full-day event held at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre to give trainees the opportunity to present their work to their peers as well as GCRC Faculty and the broader scientific community. This highly interactive event is an occasion for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students working in various fields of cancer research to gain presentation skills, give and receive important feedback and form new collaborations that help their work advance and build a strong sense of community at the Centre. Guest speakers invited by the Goodman Cancer Research Centre Students’ Society present a keynote lecture and participate in discussions with trainees.


3. The Spotlight Seminar series: Every Friday, the GCRC community, its friends and collaborators gather informally in the Rosalind Goodman Atrium to discuss the latest initiatives, challenges, breakthroughs, publications and success stories. This is our way of hearing about emerging ideas and important results from our own trainees, research professionals, innovation platform leaders and PIs. These casual meetings are an occasion to gather around science, bridging across the group’s expertise and sparking entirely new collaborations. The Spotlight seminars are also often used to feature new Associate Members of the Centre and to hear about emerging ideas and initiatives in cancer research directly from leaders in the field. This seminar series is largely led and organized by the GCRC Student society.


4. Public Forums:As part of its mission to empower patients, caregivers and families dealing with cancer, the Goodman Cancer Research Centre organizes an annual series of four forums at which leading experts discuss advances in cancer research.

The program presents summaries of the latest fundamental and clinical cancer research, demystifying and breaking down complex topics in the fields of cancer biology, novel treatments and best practices in patient care management. Examples of recent topics include Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Cancer Cachexia and Renal Cancer.

Each session includes an inspirational testimonial from a patient, who shares his or her personal journey from facing the challenges of diagnosis to surviving well beyond cancer. At the conclusion of the lecture is a moderated, bilingual (English/French) open discussion where a panel of experts is available to answer questions from attendees.

Admission is free, but registration is encouraged. The 2019-2020 series of GCRC Public Lectures is currently being organized – please check this site for more details as soon as they become available. For more information, please email: communications.gcrc [at]

A video of the previous public forum is below and past videos can be found here.

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