Sheri McDowell: Lay Summary competition winner

Sheri McDowell, PhD candidate at the Quail lab, is our 2020 Lay Summary competition winner! She presented on Obesity and the spread of breast cancer.

Read her lay summary.

View her presentation.


Second Place:
Gabrielle Brewer, PhD, Park and Moraes Lab
Fibroblasts: friend or foe? Identifying their role in driving Triple Negative Breast Cancer patient metastasis

Tied for Third Place:
Lucas Perus, PhD, Quail Lab
How different immune cells promote brain cancer

Stefanie Valbon, MSc, Richer Lab
Chronic viral infection impacts cell fate decision in the thymus


We would like to thank all 62 GCRC Trainees who participated and send out a big thank you in particular to this year’s reviewers:

Leah Donnelly, Marie Moucarry, Kristen Stecher, Dr. Azadeh Arabzadeh, Dr. Matthew G. Annis, Dr. Vincent Giguère, and Dr. William Muller.

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