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The Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute’s major objectives for its graduate and postgraduate programs are to:

Prepare and provide for the next generation of world-class cancer researchers.

Promote an innovative program geared towards changing the phenotype of future researchers, emphasizing the importance of integrating basic science and clinic, as well as the crucial need for strong teamwork and leadership.

Programs include:

M.Sc./Ph.D. Programs

To become a trainee with the GCRC, candidates must:

•    Apply and be accepted by one of the academic departments at the Faculty of Medicine which GCRC members are affiliated with:

  •      a)    Department of Biochemistry
  •      b)    Department of Human Genetics
  •      c)    Department of Medicine (Division Experimental Medicine)
  •      d)    Department of Microbiology & Immunology
  •      e)    Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  •      f)    Department of Physiology 
  •      g)    The Biological and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

•    Find a host laboratory and a supervisor among the GCRC's members.
•    Officially register as a graduate student.

The graduate training program at the GCRC is engineered to provide the trainees with a global exposure to the research perspective and the cancer issue. It therefore comprises several features which include access to the following:

A multidisciplinary research training integrating:

  • the basic science aspects (structural studies, cell biology and animal models)
  • the clinical aspects (bio-banking, genomic proteomic analysis and screening)
  • the translation ventures (target validation and drug development)
  • and, through close interactions with the Biochemistry department, exposure to a Chemical Genetics Program
  • mentors who are international authorities in their respective research specialty
  • a system of academic support through a Graduate Advisory Committee
  • a complementary educative program which includes weekly seminars, specialized conferences, and workshops, as well as public outreach initiatives
  • services of specialized technological core facilities (transgenic, imaging, metabolomics, flow cytometry,  single-cell analysis).

Internal funding
Students that are part of the GCRC are eligible to apply to the GCRC Internal Awards program.

Graduate Degrees
Graduate degrees are conferred by the academic departments in which GCRC students are registered.
For more information, please contact the relevant department:

  • Department of Biochemistry - Graduate Studies Admissions
  • Department of Human Genetics
  • Department of Medicine (Division Experimental Medicine)
  • Department of Microbiology & Immunology 
  • Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Department of Physiology
  • The Biological and Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program

Postdoctoral training

A competitive post-doctoral fellowship program is available at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre and entails working collaboratively with a group of internationally renowned researchers. Studies are offered in virtually all aspects of cancer research ranging from molecular biology to drug design.

To apply for a post-doctoral position, GCRC researchers should be contacted individually.
Internal funding is available.

Clinical Interactions

Clinical interactions are an important part of the GCRC training program at both the graduate and post-doctoral level. A variety of multidisciplinary research connections allow the members of the Centre to offer interactions with the clinical milieu. The “bench-to-bedside” principle is the axis of the Centre’s mandate and therefore participation in translational research and clinical studies is offered to those interested.
Internal funding is available.

Undergraduate Summer Research Training

McGill undergraduate students are invited to apply for training during the summer months. These internships can last up to four months, and offer  students real-life experience about the rewards and challenges of biomedical research.
Internal Funding is available.

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