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Postdoctoral Fellowships

The GCI offers internal sources of stipend funding and travel support to national and international meetings.

Trainees benefiting from Internal Awards are expected to fully participate in GCI fundraising  and public outreach initiatives. Please note that postponement of the award start date may be granted for a maximum of four months.

Internal Award Competition General Information and Guidelines:

  1. Applications are grouped into 4 distinct categories: MSc; Jr. PhD; Sr. PhD and Post-doctoral Fellows.
  2. There is no quota for the # of applications per Laboratory. However, it is unlikely that we will be able to fund more than 1 student per Laboratory.
  3. All applicants must be able to prove that they have applied for other sources of funding.
  4. Recipients cannot combine funding from other internal or external awards.
  5. PDFs in year 5 or > are not eligible; i.e. only PDFs who will be in Y1-Y4 starting in September are eligible.
  6. Laboratories who do not benefit from recruitment awards will be prioritized in the funding process.
  7.  All applicants must be under the supervision of a scientist who is a full member of the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute.
  8. Awards are non-renewable. 
  9. Applicants starting their studies in Fall 2024 can apply by submitting their complete application via e-mail to: studentaffairs.gci [at] mcgill.ca (GCI Student Affairs)

Each Application must contain the following: 

A) Application:
1. Title Page that includes candidate's name, graduate status, current supervisor, and project title. 
2. A detailed summary of candidate's proposed research project- The summary must be written by the candidate and should not exceed 2 pages.
3. 1-3 reference letters, to be sent by the referee(s) to : studentaffairs.gci [at] mcgill.ca
4. C.V. (including a list of publications) 
5. A copy of academic transcripts. PhD and PDF applicants do not need to submit undergraduate transcripts. 
6. Reprints/preprints of candidate's two most important papers, if applicable.

B) Lay Summary
C) Headshot and 
D)  Statement of Release File Statement of Release



Canderel Fellowship Award

The Canderel Graduate Studentship Awards are made possible by the ongoing efforts of Mr. Jonathan Wener, the founder and CEO of Canderel Inc., and the Défi Canderel annual fundraising event. Canderel Awards are designed to help in the acquisition of excellent postdoctoral fellows who require salary support up to the time that they can be supported by external agencies.

*Postdoctoral / Clinical Research Fellow in the first 4 years of the program.

May 15


Charlotte and Leo Karassik Foundation Oncology Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Charlotte and Leo Karassik Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship Awards are designed to support outstanding trainees at McGill University pursuing research at the Goodman Cancer Institute.

*Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the first 4 years of the program.

May 15


US Friends of McGill Fellowship

*An in memory donation used to provide a postdoctoral award to support the advancement of women in health 

May 15 $25,00/year

Questions and concerns should be addressed to studentaffairs.gci [at] mcgill.ca (GCI Student Affairs)

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