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2021 Interviews

Sheri McDowell

Meet Sheri McDowell, a Ph.D. student in Dr. Daniela Quail's lab, who is studying the link between obesity and cancer metastasis.


Yaakov Stern

Meet Yaakov Stern, a student in Dr. Morag Park's lab who focuses on the molecular and cellular biology of the receptor tyrosine kinase and proto-oncogene MET.


Matt Dankner

Meet Matt Dankner, a student part of the combined MD/PhD program at McGill, and part of Dr. Peter Siegel's lab who is studying metastatic brain tumours.


Rachel Catterall

Meet Rachel Catterall, a Master's student in Dr. Luke McCaffrey's lab studying the role of polarity signaling in cancer.


Lysanne Desharnais

Meet Lysanne Desharnais, a Master's student in the Quail lab, studies how obesity impacts response to immunotherapy among lung cancer patients.


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