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The Impact is Real

How has education shaped your life? Where would you like to give back?

Passionate, talented trainees (graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) are the driving force behind the work at the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute (GCI). Access to funds in the form of stipends is critical to the success of these projects—one of the many ways to support their dedication.

Several initiatives are in place to promote the exchange of ideas and report scientific findings within the Institute. These are crucial for creating a sense of excitement and cohesion. Additionally, the GCI has created its signature, Public Forum lecture series. These educational gatherings inform the public on developments in basic biomedical research, keeping you up-to-date on how your donations are helping.

If you have a more specific vision of what you would like to contribute to, contact us.

Studentship, Fellowships & Travel Awards

Help prepare the next generation of top cancer researchers.

The Public Forum

The lecture series that empowers the community with important knowledge on cancer.

Other Ideas?

Choose an area that speaks to you. Let us know what cause you feel closest to.

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