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Two projects led by researchers from the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute (GCI) receive funding through a $3,531,000 investment by the MOHCCN Pan-Canadian Projects program and partners.

The Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network (MOHCCN) announced the second group of projects to receive funding through the Pan-Canadian Projects program. Two of the four announced projects are led by Morag Park, Ph.D. and George Zogopoulos, MD., Ph.D., members of the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute (GCI).

In the next year, these projects, along with others funded by MOHCCN will receive a total of $1,776,000 from the MOHCCN, with additional funds from partner institutions adding up to a total investment of $3,531,000. This represents a significant investment in Canadian cancer research.

The announced projects focus on rare and aggressive cancers, which pose significant challenges due to their scarcity, making comprehensive study difficult. Pan-Canadian collaborations between institutions enable the development of vital partnerships and networks involving hospitals and biobanks. These networks are essential for collecting sufficient samples to study and discover improved treatments for these cancers.

Morag Park's project focuses on metaplastic breast cancer (MpBC), a rare but aggressive form of the disease. With collaboration spanning Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, the team aims to comprehensively analyze MpBC cells to improve treatment strategies. This initiative addresses a critical gap in MpBC research, benefiting patients nationwide. Project title: Integrated genomics and spatial heterogeneity to enhance personalized therapies for rare metaplastic breast carcinomas

The second project, co-led by Dr. George Zogopoulos, supports the creation of a clinical trial using next-generation sequencing to match pancreatic cancer patients with personalized therapies. By accelerating the implementation of precision medicine, this trial promises hope for individuals battling this deadly disease. Project title: Marathon of HopE Genome Sequencing to Inform Novel Treatments Portfolio Trial (MAESTRO)

Through collaboration and innovation, researchers at the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute continue to drive progress towards identifying cancer faster and treating it more effectively.

For further details, please refer to the press release.

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