September – PROSTATE CANCER Awareness Month

Check out our interview with Letty Ting Li, GCI Trainee, on doing prostate cancer research
Image by Yu Gu.

Name: Letty Ting Li

Lab: Professor Vincent Giguère

Year: PDF 4

My research focuses on the role of estrogen-related receptor (ERR) family members and the underlying mechanisms in prostate cancer progression. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst men and the fourth most common cancer in Canada. Understanding its molecular mechanisms will help us optimize screening, detection, and treatment of the disease. We are now collaborating with the ABIF and Metabolomics Core within the GCI, as well as Génome Québec and other facilities. Currently, we are looking to expand our scope and begin working with the cancer immune environment and seeking collaboration opportunities for researchers in the field.

Contact information: [at]

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