Our mission

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Cancer is the leading cause of premature death in Canada. Understanding its complex nature requires a high level of scientific expertise and creative collaboration between the many researchers dedicated to finding a cure for this all-too-common disease.

The Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre (GCRC) is an internationally renowned research institution, committed to coordinating and conducting independent basic cancer research and training within a technologically advanced Centre.

Affiliated with McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine , the GCRC brings together the very best scientists, technicians, graduate students and research fellows. Providing an environment where investigators work together, side-by-side sharing equipment and facilities, generates an atmosphere that fosters and encourages progressive ideas and is scientifically and financially beneficial.

Over the next few years the Centre will heighten its initiative of new target identification and validation for the development of more efficient drugs for cancer diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. To achieve this, the GCRC encourages a multidisciplinary approach in its research activities and is intensifying the union of basic and clinical research, particularly in the support and training of its students and fellows. This union allows greater synchrony along the research pathway from the laboratory to clinical applications.

GCRC research efforts are focused along four core themes:

• Cancer therapeutics
• Cellular stemness and plasticity
• Oncometabolism
• Tumor microenvironment

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