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Annual Reports

I am delighted to present the 2022-23 Annual Report of the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute (GCI), following a year in which our institute has continued to enjoy remarkable success. Driven by the talent and dedication of our investigators, trainees, and staff, we are pushing the boundaries of cancer research. Among the most exciting recent developments has been the rapid progress of RNA technology, which promises to provide cancer patients with a wealth of safer and more effective treatments. Importantly, the breakthroughs that have led us to this point were built on fundamental scientific enquiry, with GCI scientists among the leaders in the field from its inception to the present day.

This report presents a snapshot of the GCI’s many achievements and activities throughout the 2022-23 fiscal year, highlighting our major scientific discoveries, publications and recognition, and growing networks of partnerships throughout Quebec, across Canada and around the world. It shows our progress as an institute, highlighted by our achievement of FRQS Research Centre status, while presenting our vision of a future that is driven by cutting-edge research and enabled by training the next generation of cancer research leaders.

Our discoveries are made possible by the generosity of our donors and supporters at every step of the way. With your sustained support, the GCI will continue to provide the knowledge needed to bring hope to patients, their caregivers and families.

Morag Park, C.Q., Ph.D., FRSC, FCAHS
Director, Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute
Diane and Sal Guerrera Chair in Cancer Genetics
Distinguished James McGill Professor, Depts. of Oncology,
Biochemistry and Medicine, McGill University


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