Official status

Mont St. Hilaire Biosphere Reserve

In 1978, the mountain and its immediate surroundings were recognized as the first Biosphere Reserve in Canada under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program.

Biosphere reserve international network

This international network now includes 507 Biosphere Reserves in 102 countries. The Biosphere Reserve concept promotes management involving all local stakeholders to harmonize what at first often appear to be conflicting goals: nature conservation, economic development and cultural values. All Biosphere Reserves strive to pursue objectives in support of these goals in a complementary and balanced way:

  • Nature conservation: conserve the diversity of species and the ecological integrity of local ecosystems.
  • Economic development: encourage the sustainable development of local resources, both natural and human.
  • Cultural enrichment: provide education, research and training supportive of conservation and sustainable development.


Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association (CBRA)

UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program