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Support Gault Nature Reserve

Follow in the footsteps of the Brigadier Andrew Hamilton Gault.

The Gault Estate passed to McGill University in 1958 through a bequest from Brigadier Andrew Hamilton Gault that specified:

"...that its beauties and amenities may be preserved for all time to come,
not only to the immediate interests of the university itself, but through its corridors of learning,
as a great heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of the youth of Canada."


Support the main missions of the Reserve in promoting Conservation, Research and Teaching.

Research and Teaching

More than 50 years of academic activities have occured at Gault Nature Reserve, today there are over 400 articles, 100 graduate theses, more than 50 government reports and about 30 book chapters that are based on research at Gault Nature Reserve. Donators can help us in building and maintaning research infrastructures needed to pursue the long tradition of academic activities at the Reserve. As well, donations are used to provide funding for research projects in and around the Reserve.


Gault Nature Reserve  of McGill University has throughout the years expanded the Brigadier's donation from 890 hectares in 1958 to 1100 ha.  Help us in protecting more land around the Reserve and to continue the wishes of the Brigadier.


Make a Donation Online

The GIVE NOW McGill Platform provides a quick and convenient way for you to donate to Gault Nature Reserve.

Earmark your gift to the Reserve:

1) Fill in your personal information into the my information tab
2) In the "I would like to support" section enter Gault Nature Reserve
3) Complete the steps 3 and 4 of the payment procedures

For any questions concerning donations please contact:

theresa [dot] liberta [at] mcgill [dot] ca (subject: Donation%20from%20website) (Theresa Liberta)

Administrative Officer
Gault Nature Reserve

(450) 467-4010 ext. 224

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