Green Practices

Eco-stationsEco Station

We facilitate the sorting, recycling, and composting of materials in our residential dining halls via our eco-stations.

We encourage recycling and composting as much as possible and many of our take-out containers such as salad bowls, smoothie cups, napkins, and coffee cups are all made with recyclable or compostable materials.

In one academic year, according to Compost Montreal, compost collected from McGill residential dining halls:

  • Diverted 238 tonnes of organic waste from landfill
  • Created 101,230 liters of agricultural-grade soil
  • Reduced 207 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions reduced

Ozzi System & Reusable ContainersOzzi

McGill was the first university in Canada to implement the Ozzi system in its residential dining halls.

Whenever you wish to eat a meal to go in any of our 5 Residential Dining Halls, simply ask the food servers to place your food in a reusable container. You then return your empty container and exchange it for a token at the Ozzi machines for your next use.
Every time you use your Ozzi container, you won't be charged the 1.00$ it costs to use a disposable container.

Lug a Mug

Coffee and tea is discounted by 25 cents when students use their own mug.

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