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Food Educators, Local Food DayConnecting people to their food

food educator

Food Educators help connect people to their food and recognize what good food is, SHHS hires six student food educators to engage students at SHHS events including Local Food Days, Fair Trade Week, and Meatless Mondays.

The role of food educators is to engage students in cafeterias about issues that matter to them in terms of food sustainability and consumer choice. They also independently pursue projects of interest to them relevant to SHHS, including research on local food, sustainable seafood and marketing strategies for star products like Roddick Roast Coffee.

Fairtrade Campus Week

fairtrade week
Fairtrade Campus Week is a Fairtrade Canada event that is organized at campuses across Canada.

SHHS works alongside student groups to organize events during the week-long celebration and promotion of the fairtrade movement. For the 2017 Fairtrade Campus Week, SHHS organized the World’s Biggest Fairtrade Bake Sale.

McGill A La Carte Food Show

food show

Since 2011, SHHS has hosted an on-campus food show to showcase local food partners. It gives the suppliers an opportunity to talk about what they do and allows the McGill community as well as the general public a chance to taste everything from kombucha to cheese, all produced locally. Around 8,000 visitors attend the food show each year.

SHHS also has a habit of breaking records during the Food Show, such as the World’s Largest Smoothies, made with fairtrade bananas, in 2015 and the World’s Largest Brownie in 2014.
Student Housing and Hospitality Services organizes Fall events that lead interested resident-students to pick apples and enjoy a picnic on the farm.

Waste EducatorsMore than just a sorting station

eco station
Every September, McGill’s Food and Dining Services hire and train 30 students to help first year residence students get accustomed to the dining halls’ Ecostation waste system. Waste educators guide students towards developing the correct sorting habits, which has greatly improved the quality of our compost and recycling. In other words, there are less “errors” as to which type of waste goes in what bin (e.g. a non-contaminated compost bin is only filled with organic or compostable waste).

Farmer's Market

farmers market

Since 2009, McGill has hosted a weekly market in the Fall with more than ten local suppliers. It provides the opportunity for downtown residents to connect to the agricultural community of Quebec. In addition to on the spot sale of produce, it also has an affordable local vegetable basket program that runs during the Summer and Fall seasons.

Applied Student Research Projects

Since 2010, SHHS has partnered on ten Applied Student Research (ASR) projects. These projects have provided students learning opportunities outside of the classroom and contributed to the development of SHHS’ sustainable food objectives and policies, such as prioritizing MSC-certified seafood and local, greenhouse tomatoes.

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