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Welcome to McGill Catering Services

Eight catering service providers have been qualified through a Call for Tender (CFT) process as the official McGill contracted catering suppliers.  These suppliers compliment the already existing McGill Food and Dining Services, a sub-unit of Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) catering services which currently includes: Compass Group Canada Inc. Foodie Traiteur, Subway, Vinh’s, and Double Pizza.

Applicability: By default, these Contract(s) shall automatically apply to purchases made by the University for catering services.  Consequently, all other catering supplier codes will be deactivated in MMP.

Exclusions: Due to the volume of business required during homecoming week (October of each year) and convocation (end of May beginning of June of each year) the University Clients may use the other suppliers for these two events.  The catering supplier codes will be made available during these times of the year on an as required basis.

The contacts and catering suppliers are as follows:

Caterer Name and MMP Merchant Code *Contracted Catering Price Level Contact Name E- Mail Phone
Avec Plaisirs  - 260158968 I, II, III Catherine L'Abbé

Carl Turgeon

catherine [dot] labbe [at] avecplaisirs [dot] com
carl [dot] turgeon [at] avecplaisirs [dot] com
514-272-1511 x2207
Catering by George Inc. - 147000974 I, II, III

Scott Hardiman
Christine Mantzavrakos

info [at] bygeorge [dot] ca 514-931-8814
Gourmaison Inc. - 147002109 I, II, III Elizabeth Fleisler
Johnny Li
info [at] gourmaison [dot] ca 514-737-6335
Julien-Leblanc Traiteur  - 260005968 I, II, III Camille Monod
Caroline Gendron

camille [at] julien-leblanc [dot] com
caroline [at] julien-leblanc [dot] com


Restaurant Beatrice - 260594228 I Allie Angrave

Stephanie Mechanic

allie [at] montrealgourmet [dot] ca
stephanie [at] montrealgourmet [dot] ca


Traiteur Visionaire Inc. - 147005121 II, III Hilary Parsons
Ian McArthur

visionaire [at] videotron [dot] ca



Traiteur La Plaza -260645870 II, III Danny Lioi

Tony Amicone

danny [at] la-plaza [dot] ca

tony [at] la-plaza [dot] ca

Maître et Chef Traiteurs Inc. - 147003154 I, II Minh Bui mbui [at] maitre-et-chef [dot] com 514-938-9398 extension 227

Level I Catering – High end menu items hot and cold, service, linens and dishes (as required)

Level II Catering – Mid priced menu items hot and/or cold possible service, linens and dishes (as required)L

Level III Catering – Lower priced menu items hot and/or cold optional service and dishes (as required)

*A request can be made for catering levels outside of the levels listed in the above table, however the contracted pricing are for the levels indicated in the table above.

Menus (without pricing) can be found on the SHHS website: http://www.mcgill.ca/foodservices/other-services

Please follow the following guidelines below when ordering from the contracted caterers:
• a requisition must be created for all purchases through the McGill Marketplace
• click on the caterer’s logo on the landing page of MMP
• enter a keyword best describing what you are looking for (i.e. breakfast, lunch, coffee, etc.) or leave it blank to see entire menu options
• compare suppliers by using the regular search engine on the landing page of MMP (Search Everything) and entering keywords best describing what you are looking for. You may filter by supplier on the left of the screen


Questions concerns for the Catering Suppliers please contact:

McGill Food and Dining Services Catering Supplier Menus and Information:  
Talk2Us 514 398-5465 email:  food [dot] fds [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Contract information and questions: 
Anna Gentile, buyer, procurement services anna [dot] gentile [at] mcgill [dot] ca

General Questions for purchasing:

feedback [dot] puchasing [at] mcgill [dot] ca