Fees and Payment

Mandatory Meal plan

Basic Food Dollars
Flex Food Dollars


Meal Plan Administration Fee

Capital Improvement Fund
(Repair & maintenance)
Sustainability Fund
(Various sustainability food projects)
Fixed Facilities Fees
(Operation of dining facilities & contributions to the University)


oneCard Account

Your student fee account is also charged with oneCard dollars and is mandatory for first year undergraduate resident students


Total 2021-2022 Fees: $5,975

The Meal Plan fees are payable in two installments and is billed electronically to the student fee account:

$3,725 due at the end of September
(Half of the total Mandatory Meal Plan, Administration fee and oneCard account dollars)

$2,250 due at the end of January
(Half of the total Mandatory Meal Plan)

Meal Plan funds are divided into two accounts: Home Base and Flex.

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