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Managing your plan

Money matters - Staying Within Budget

To stay within budget while getting a balanced meal on the Mandatory or Saver Meal Plan, we recommend planning your meals around the hot menu du jour. The menu du jour is a complete and nutritious meal that's prepared daily.

Grill items, sushi, deluxe cakes and desserts are all items that can add up if eaten on a regular basis. Don't make these a part of your regular rotation unless you plan on topping up your Meal Plan during the semester.

Pay attention to your beverage choices. Bottled specialty drinks increase your total bill quickly. In fact, some of these drinks retail at almost half of the price of a full meal! Remember, water is available at every dining hall and it's free!

Make sure to follow our Budget Planner to stay on track. 

More savings:

  • Save 25 cents on coffee or tea every time you bring a reusable mug.
  • Enjoy weekly $6 Meatless Monday dishes in all 4 dining halls.
  • Pick up a hearty $6 breakfast every Friday in all 5 dining halls.
  • Hot entrees start at only $8.45 and include 2 sides (steamed vegetables and salad bar).

Checking your account balance

Your Mandatory Meal Plan, Saver Meal Plan, or oneCard balance is listed on the receipt each time you make a purchase, depending on which account the funds came from. For example, if you’re on the Mandatory Meal Plan and purchased a bag of chips, you will see your oneCard balance on that particular receipt, as chips are taxable when purchased alone. Keep track of your spending with the Mandatory Meal Plan Budget Planner. If you’re on the Saver Meal Plan and purchased a hot meal, the balance you’ll see on the receipt will represent the remaining balance on your Saver Meal Plan. You can also review your all of your purchasing history on

Topping up your Mandatory or Saver Meal Plan

If you run out of food dollars, you simply need to Top Up in Minerva, in the Student Accounts Menu. After you go to the Student Accounts Menu, scroll down to Meal Plans, and then "Choose Top Up."

Some points to remember:

  • The amount must be in whole dollars.
  • The amount must be a minimum of $25 and cannot exceed $800 on any given day.
  • The amount will be charged to your student fee account.
  • It's important to note that any TOP UPS on your Mandatory Meal Plan or Saver Meal Plan can be fully refunded at any time. Simply contact the food.fds [at] (Food and Dining Service Center).
  • After you make a deposit the funds will usually be available within 24 hours.
  • These are additional funds which can be purchased in Minerva when food dollars have run out in either one of the food dollar accounts (home base or flex).

    Top-up funds are not considered to be home base or flex, but rather may be used anywhere that McGill meal plans are honoured on both campuses.

    In addition, Top-Ups are funds that "kick in" in the account that runs out first; the home base or flex.

    Any balance leftover at the end of the winter term (April) will automatically be added to the flex rollover account (see below) if applicable. Students who do not meet the $50 minimum requirement for the rollover plan will have their top up balance refunded.

Topping up your oneCard Account

To top up oneCard dollars, you can either go to Minerva or the secure oneCard Management site. Please note that in Minerva your student fee account will be charged and on the oneCard site your credit card will be charged. 

PLEASE NOTE: An "AK" code may appear. What does it mean?

An AK hold is assigned to your record initially when you have unpaid meal plan charges overdue (i.e. you did not pay them by the due date) AND your overall balance is greater than $100.

Even if you pay your meal plan charges fully, you may still have an AK hold as it will not be deleted unless your overall balance is less than $100.

This hold prevents you from topping up your Meal Plan balance through Minerva or subscribing to a Voluntary Meal plan until your overall balance is less than $100.

Note that only charges that are past due are considered in the overall balance for the purpose of this calculation. Please contact the Student Accounts Office at (514) 398-7878 or via email at student.accounts [at] for more information


Mandatory Residential Meal Plans, Saver Meal Plans, and oneCard funds are non-refundable. 

Rollover Plan for the Mandatory Meal Plan 

At the end of the fall semester, the remaining Mandatory Meal Plan balance is carried forward to the winter semester. This plan expires at the end of the year on April 30th, 2019. However, any balance leftover in the home base and /or flex accounts after this date will be transferred to a Rollover Plan; a $50 minimum amount is required. 

Saver Meal Plan Funds 

Saver Meal Plan funds expire at the end of the fall and winter semesters.  

Lost ID Cards

In case of loss or theft of your ID card, the first thing you should do is contact McGill Security Services at 514-398-4556 to inform them that your card is lost. If you happen to be right near Service Point, you should visit them immediately to replace your card. If you cannot make it to Service Point right away, it is important that you call Security to alert them. Your card will be suspended and you'll be issued a replacement. Once you have your new ID card, all the funds that were in your old card will be transferred to your new one.