Fees & payment

The Mandatory Meal Plan is only applicable to students living in the following residences: Carrefour Sherbrooke, La Citadelle, Royal Victoria College, New Residence Hall, University Hall, Gardner hall, McConnell Hall and Molson Hall.

Meal plan fees 2018-2019


The Meal Plan fees are payable in two installments and is billed electronically to the student fee account:

$3,725 due at the end of September
(Half of the total Mandatory Meal Plan, Administration fee and oneCard account dollars)

$2,250 due at the end of January
(Half of the total Mandatory Meal Plan)

Meal Plan funds are divided into two accounts: Home Base and Flex. View Mandatory Meal Plan for more information.

oneCard title



Non-resident students can activate their oneCard with a minimum buy-in of $200 in Minerva.

Downtown Campus
Resident Student

rez downtown $500

First year undergraduate students living in ANY RESIDENCE will be charged an inital fee at the beginning of the school year.

Macdonald Campus
Resident Student

mac $150

First year undergraduate students living in Laird Hall or Eco-Residence will be charged an inital fee at the beginning of the school year.





Learn more about the oneCard.

saver fees

Eat regularly on campus? If yes, this plan is perfect for you!

Saver $1300

The Saver Meal Plan can be purchased by any full or part-time student.

This plan is tax exempt, which translates to a savings of almost 15%.

As specified by Quebec sales tax laws, some snack items are exempt from the Saver Meal Plan. In addition, this Plan is subject to several terms as specified by the federal government in order to be tax exempt.

You're only able to purchase a Saver Meal plan before October 1st of the Fall term and before February 1st of the Winter term.


Purchase a Voluntary Saver Meal Plan in Minerva.

PLEASE NOTE: An "AK" code may appear. What does it mean?

An AK hold is assigned to your record initially when you have unpaid meal plan charges overdue (i.e. you did not pay them by the due date) AND your overall balance is greater than $100.

Even if you pay your meal plan charges fully, you may still have an AK hold as it will not be deleted unless your overall balance is less than $100.

This hold prevents you from topping up your Meal Plan balance through Minerva or subscribing to a Voluntary Meal plan until your overall balance is less than $100.

Note that only charges that are past due are considered in the overall balance for the purpose of this calculation. Please contact the Student Accounts Office at (514) 398-7878 or via email at student.accounts [at] mcgill.ca for more information.