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Residential mandatory meal plans

Why is the Meal Plan mandatory if you choose to live in the traditional Residences?

A: Please see the Mandatory Residential Plan page.

Are there any exemptions from the meal plan?

A: No. If you are assigned to McConnell Residence, Molson Residence, Gardner Residence, Douglas Hall Residence, Royal Victoria College Residence, University Hall Residence, Carrefour Sherbrooke Residence or New Residence Hall, you are automatically enrolled in the Mandatory Residential Meal Plan when you sign your lease agreement. 

When and how do I sign up for a Mandatory Residential Meal Plan?

A: If you are living in Residence (except for Macdonald, Solin, and MORE) you are automatically signed up. 

If I am assigned a room in residences after the beginning of the school semester, how much will I be charged for the Mandatory Residential Meal Plan?

A: In this case, your Food and Dining fees for the Mandatory Residential Meal Plan will be calculated on a weekly prorated basis, from the time you were assigned a room in residence.

What is meant by "Home Base" dollars and "Home Base" Dining Halls?

A: You can read all about Home Base dollars and dining halls here.

    May I use my meal plan for guests or friends?

    A: No. Your meal plan is subject to governmental regulation regarding tax-exemption which is applicable only for your personal use.

    What happens if I miss a dinner or brunch? Do I get compensated for that missed meal?

    A: No, there is no compensation for missed meals, as your meal plan is based on declining balance and not a set number of meals.

    Can I use my meal plan to eat on special nights?

    A: Yes, special dinners and themed events may include ice cream sundae bars, barbecues, and special individual dining hall events. Guest meals can be purchased at the door for cash.

    Will I be able to continue using my Residential Mandatory Meal Plan if I move out of my residence?

    A: Please see the Moving section of Managing your plan.

    Can I transfer my current meal plan to another residence at McGill?

    A: Please see the Moving section of Managing your plan.

    How do I ensure that I will not run out of money before the end of the semester ?

    A: Please see Managing your plan

    Are sick trays available?

    A: Yes, sick trays are available if you are ill and unable to come to a dining unit for a meal. Floor fellows are the only people who are authorized to use your meal plan card to pick up a sick-tray meal for you.

    Can we borrow pans or other equipment from food service?

    A: We can lend equipment to groups for events held in your residence hall depending on availability and timing. We cannot lend equipment for private use or for use in another residence or off-campus housing.


    Rules and policies

    Do students have to wear shirts and footwear in the dining units?

    A: Yes, because of health department regulations.

    Can I take food out of the cafeteria?

    A: Yes, take-out containers are available for all foods. However, you must specify this when you order your food. Carrying china, dishware or cutlery outside of the dining halls is not permitted.

    Is smoking permitted?

    A: Smoking is not permitted in any of the university dining units or buildings. Please note that in Quebec, it is now law that you are not permitted to smoke within a 9 meter radius (approx. 30 ft) of any entrance door of any building.

    Are students responsible for bussing their own trays?

    A: Yes. Please help us keep your dining facilities clean and tidy.

    Are any animals allowed in the food court?

    A: No, the only animals allowed are service dogs.

    Is alcohol permitted in the dining areas?

    A: No, alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into a university-dining unit nor can they be purchased as a meal plan choice.

    Health, wellness & social responsibility

    Is there a vegetarian option?

    A: Yes. There are vegetarian and vegan food options offered in all our residential dining halls. For more information, please see Health Matters

    I have a food allergy. What can the dining service do for me?

    I need to watch my diet. What can the dining service do for me?

    Who do I see if I have medical dietary restrictions?


    Does McGill Food and Dining Services offer Fair Trade coffee?

    A: Yes. Fair Trade coffee is offered in most locations across campus. To read more about McGill's commitment to sustainable and ethical food, please see our section Responsible food


    How does Dining Services keep track of meal plans dollars?

    A: Each student on the meal plan is assigned an account in our meal plan computer program. Your I.D. is encoded with your account number. for more information, please see the Meal Plans section of the site. 

    How do you decide how much to charge for food sold in the dining halls?

    A: McGill Food and Dining Services is a self-financing unit with the mandate to break even at the end of the fiscal year. In addition, we are a mixed model, which means that we run self-operated units as well as units managed by a food provider and as well, some of our retail locations are run by tenants. In order to cover our expenses and to ensure that we are a sustainable unit, we operate much like a restaurant. Our price and cost structures are such that approximately 38% is allocated to food cost; other fixed and variable costs cover the balance.

    Is there a printed menu to let me know what is being served on a particular day?

    A: Yes! McGill Food and Dining Services will have menus available for your use at the cashier station in the cafeteria. You will be able to print the menus from the website. Menus will be as accurate as possible; however, there may be occasional substitutions due to product availability.

    What can I do if I have an issue or concern with the services offered at a particular location?

    A: We encourage you to let us know how we are doing! For matters that need immediate attention, please contact the dining room manager or supervisor.

    For less urgent issues, there are postcards available in each of the dining facilities where you can write your comments. A reply will be provided within 3 business days. If you prefer to go on-line, please go to the feedback section of our Web site. McGill Food and Dining Services values your opinion and your suggestions are most welcomed.

    Does the dining service hire students?  How can I find out about a job?

    A: Yes. The Dining Services as well as the different cafés on campus hire students each semester to work. You must have related work experience in order to be considered. To find out more information about available positions, ask any manager of the food facilities. Job possibilities include, cashier or checker, food production and service, dishwasher or general work and maintenance.