Mezze Café

Mezze cafe

If you love Mediterranean food, Mezze is your go-to on campus. The Mezze menu embodies the essence of Mediterranean gastronomy with a tempting selection of dishes using only the freshest produce, the finest Halal meats, and an exquisite blend of aromatic spices.

Halal food logoMezze also offers our Stacks Halal Burger concept, where you can customize your burger by stacking it with as many layers to accommodate a quick snack or a meal's worth of burger goodness.

You'll also find a Booster Juice at this location, which features a full bar of tasty and nutritious juices.

McConnell Engineering Building

Hours of Service

Methods of Payment

  • oneCard
  • Saver Meal plan
  • Interac
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
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