What does SPE stand for? SPE stands for Sanitas Per Escam - Latin for "Health through Food."; SPE represents food that has been thoughtfully sourced and prepared so that it is both healthy and sustainable.

What does 2 Star certification mean? How many stars are available? McGill Dining went through a voluntary assessment from SPE Certified to assess how well the food service operation is doing in the areas of nutrition and sustainability. McGill was awarded 2 out of 3 stars for its strong commitment in these areas. 

Which dining halls are certified? Currently, RVC and NRH have both completed the certification process with other dining halls coming soon.

What is the criteria for an SPE balanced plate? It features responsibly sourced and thoughtfully prepared 'good for you' ingredients to give you more of what you need and less of what you don't.

Are SPE meals low in calories? SPE is focused more on where the calorie are coming from rather than strictly a number; because of its emphasis on plant-based foods and healthy cooking techniques, SPE meals are typically within a healthy calorie range. 

Are SPE meals low in fat? Not necessarily. SPE encourages the use of healthy and unsaturated fats and some quantities used may exceed the guidelines mandated for a "low fat" label.

Are SPE meals organic? SPE does not require the use of certified organic products but encourages responsible sourcing for all products. You can rest assured that all animal products in an SPE balanced meal will be antibiotic free.

Are SPE meals Vegetarian/Vegan? While many SPE dishes are vegetarian or vegan, this is not a requirement; however there is a large emphasis on vegetables in every SPE dish.

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