The Perfect 10

These superstars go beyond the call of duty for you !


While there are plenty of healthy food options to choose from in our four resident dining halls,10 super foods are featured this month and are the stars of our March Health and Wellness events.

Look for them in Bishop Mountain Dining Hall, Carrefour Sherbrooke Dining Hall, New Residence Dining Hall and Royal Victoria College Dining Hall.

  Kale – Look for this power green and load up on cancer fighting fibre, antioxidants, and fittingly, vitamin K.

Salmon – Choose responsibly sourced salmon and give your mood a boost with one the best omega 3 sources in the sea.


Avocado – Fill up on avocado’s healthy monounsaturated fats to help maintain good cholesterol levels and stave off heart problems

  Almonds – Get a boost of protein and good fat with one of the healthiest nuts, but note they are also relatively high in calories
  Lentils –Prairie grown lentils not only boast a low carbon footprint, but are loaded with protein, fibre, minerals, and B vitamins too.

Chickpeas – Another proudly Canadian crop that’s packed with protein, chickpeas are low on the glycemic index scale to keep your blood sugar in check.

  Oats – Our heart healthy oats are 100% Canadian and filled with cholesterol lowering soluble fibre

Greek yogurt – Try protein packed Greek yogurt instead of other high fat or sugar ingredients in some of your favourite desserts. Go ahead and indulge.


Sweet potato - These orange (and sometimes purple) spuds are packed with beta-carotene and with plenty of potassium to help lower blood pressure.


QuinoaThis super grain is full of fibre and iron. It’s also the only known complete source of plant protein so it’s no wonder 2013 was named the International Year of Quinoa. 

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