Placement test for health and social work sector

Step 1: Computerized test (at home)

You have to do the online placement test:

Password: 5432

Step 2: Interview with an evaluator

This interview will be conducted remotely.  Please register for an online interview session here with Prof. Ariel Mercado.

Step 3: Registration on Minerva

Register on Minerva for the appropriate course or courses.  You might have to wait up to 1 - 1.5 week to register on Minerva.



Undergraduate students register on their own using Minerva for the French courses offered by the French language center (FLC) following a mandatory placement test by the FLC. Students enrolled in these French language courses will receive a grade based on the criteria in the course outline.

Undergraduate students in some faculties may choose the letter or S/U grade option at the time of registration. The S/U option is not available for students enrolled in the Faculties of Dentistry or Medicine, including students in the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy. Undergraduate Dentistry and Medicine students may be eligible for a Registration Status Code of RX which indicates that no credit will be granted for the course and that the course mark will not be included in the GPA. Students are advised to request such assistance by their own department’s student affairs coordinator.

Graduate students who would like to take FRSL classes should contact the French Language Center (FLC) and take their mandatory placement test. Once the placement test is completed, the student will receive permission to register. At that point, graduate students must contact their departmental student affairs coordinator for instructions on how to register. To register, they must complete a Request for Registration/Course Changes form online. The S/U grade option is not available to graduate students but they may be eligible for a Registration Status Code of RX. If graduate students would like this RX code, they should speak to their department’s student affairs coordinator.

N. B.: The RX code is granted only if the French course is an extra course (not a required elective or a degree requirement). Departmental student affairs coordinators may consult with Enrolment Services or Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies about this grade option, as appropriate.

For Student in Nursing:

The Ingram School of Nursing needs to know your French proficiency level in order to attribute you a clinical placement.  Please note that you will have to authorize the French Language Center to forward the result of your Placement test and your grade and evaluation at the end of the semester (if applicable).

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