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Activities Calendar


March 15

1 p.m.


Q&A Meet&Greet with Nahéma Ricci

As part of the Francofête 2021, FRSL 325 students are invited to watch Antigone by Sophie Deraspe and meet Antigone herself, Nahéma Ricci! On the menu: intimate meet&greet and a new eye on Quebec cinema!

Reserved for FRSL 325 students

Mon histoire @ McGill

March 16

12 p.m. 


Mon histoire @ McGill

Curious about what it’s like to be an undergraduate student at McGill? Hear about it first-hand from two of our francophone student ambassadors by joining us online for Mon histoire @ McGill. This session, held in French, will help you learn more about the academic environment, living in Montreal, ways to get involved in campus life and more exclusive content. Chat "face to face" with our ambassadors and ask them all your questions! How will your story be told? 

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March 22

5:30 p.m.


Rencontre La persévérance en français

Dans le cadre de la Journée internationale de la francophonie, Madame Cathy Wong, membre du comité exécutif de la Ville de Montréal, responsable de la diversité, de l'inclusion en emploi, de la langue française et de la lutte au racisme et à la discrimination a le plaisir d'inviter des étudiants internationaux s'étant démarqués à une rencontre virtuelle pour souligner leur persévérance en français. Des étudiants du Centre d'enseignement du français seront conviés à cet événement qui récompensera leurs efforts exceptionnels.

Soirée poésie

March 25

7 p.m.


Poetry Night

For this year’s Francofête, ADELFIES and AGELF are inviting you to a poetry night, open mic style! Come share your favourite poems or even your own writing! A sign up sheet is available to determine the initial reading order, but once we reach its end, the floor is open to anyone! 

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March 25

4 p.m.


Inside the Industry... in French!

For the French at Work Series – Francofête Edition, the CaPS and FLC invite you to meet Bianca Baldo, a professional working in the Field of Facilitation at Intersol, where matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion are important. Baldo, who holds an M.A. in Law, will talk about the skills needed in law-oriented careers, the pros and cons of the industries where she has worked, as well as the importance of the French language in her work. 

This event is reserved to French second-language students.

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Affiche Rencontre Étienne Lepage


March 26

5 p.m.


Journey to the Centre of the Stage

Étienne Lepage, along with three performers, invites us to discover the worlds he has built over the past 15 years. His various plays, ranging from hallucinated tales to philosophical outbursts, reveal essential and disturbing human secrets. Alternating his speech with excerpts from his different plays, Étienne will talk about what motivated his creations, as well as the unexpected discoveries he made in the process. This conference/performance will reveal reflections not only on theater, but also on the world in which we live.

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Trivia night

March 26

6 p.m.


Trivia Night

To celebrate the sixth edition of the Francofête, McGill's French Language Center is inviting you to a special trivia night. Come to test your knowledge (or learn more) about McGill and Montreal! There will be prizes, and we guarantee you'll have fun, as always! Feel free to invite your friends / roommates to tag along, especially if you don't have anything to do past curfew!

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Étienne Lepage

March 29

2:30 p.m.


Intimate Conference with Étienne Lepage

Do you like Quebec theatre? Have you met Étienne Lepage? If your respective replies are yes and no (!), join us for an interactive conference. The author of Le Ravissement will address his need to challenge social codes and roles, his relationship to words and the emotions they produce, and his social involvement through art.

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Concours Francophi-LIS

Inscrivez-vous avant le 19 mars

Concours de lecture Francophi-LIS

Apprenez-vous le français? Voulez-vous pratiquer vos compétences orales et avoir la chance de gagner un prix? L'École de langue de l'UQÀM vous invite au concours de lecture Francophi-LIS! Dans le cadre du concours, vous devrez choisir un texte d'un auteur francophone. Vous devrez expliquer pourquoi vous avez choisi ce texte et le partager avec le jury. Vous aurez trois minutes pour lire le texte!

Inscrivez-vous au concours de lecture d'ici le vendredi 19 mars en contactant samantha.damay [at]

Prenez un billet pour assister à la finale du 27 mars ici!

Concours écriture

Participez avant le 24 mars

Concours d'écriture créative

Sponsored by Antidote

Souffrez-vous de Zoom fatigue? Êtes-vous un peu mélancovid? Voici l’antidote qu’il vous faut : un concours d’écriture créative! À l'occasion de la Francofête 2021, Le Délit et le Centre d'enseignement du français de l'Université McGill vous invitent à faire connaître votre plume!

À gagner: Un exemplaire d'Antidote 10 et des cartes-cadeaux!

Soumettez votre texte avant le 24 mars!

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