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February 28

6 to 8 pm

Thompson House, room 405

Poetry Workshop

Hosted by the Département de langue et de littérature françaises‘ own Collectif de poésie, this poetry workshop is a space for free expression in cosy atmosphere. Guests will have the opportunity to give free rein to their imagination – the important thing is to allow yourself to be creative and to enjoy writing! Guests can share their works on the spot after the activity.

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March 11

11:35 am to 1:25 pm

3438 rue McTavish, room 100

L’écrivain·e et les médias : Nelly Arcan 

As part of the Francofête, the seminar FREN 615-L'écrivain·e et les médias will be open to the public. On the menu: a collective close reading of writer Nelly Arcan's Burqa de chair, Nelly as well as of her interview on Tout le monde en parle. Around ten spots are available. Registration is free but mandatory.

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March 15 and 19

McLennan e-Classroom

Wikipédia in French

Whether it be a McGill building, a novel by a Québécois writer or a historical Montréal event, help us improve, write, and translate articles into French about McGill, Montreal, and Quebec! Participants will have the opportunity to discover Wikipedia’s functions and rules, learn how to modify and create articles, as well as discover the fundamentals of Wikipedia Commons and Wikidata.

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March 14

2:30 to 4 pm

Leacock 116

French Writing Workshop with Author Akos Verboczy

Come answer a simple, yet profound, question in your own words and in your own way – don’t worry, we do have some tricks in store to help you with the form and style! It is a question that yields perhaps some truth, perhaps some lies. This question makes you travel in space and time, and takes you down memory lane. It is a question that you heard yesterday, last week, and will hear in 50 years. The question is: Where are you from?

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People holding speech bubbles

March 14

4 to 6 pm

Ferrier 456

Francophone Expression Workshop

Actress and professional puppeteer Caroline Bernier-Dionne will guide you to improve your ability to express yourself in French and unleash your creativity through drama. Caroline has many tricks that will help you fight mispronunciation, stammer, and inarticulation caused by fear. You will definitely regain your confidence (en français!) in front of a crowd!

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March 18

1:35 to 5:25 pm

3438 rue McTavish, room 100

Masterclass with Author and Translator Catherine Leroux

As part of the Francofête, Laurance Ouellet-Tremblay’s creative writing workshop (FREN 340) will be open to the public. On the menu: a masterclass with writer in residence Catherine Leroux. Around ten spots are available. Registration is free but mandatory.

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March 18

6 to 8 pm

Schulich School of Music, room C-304

Cultural Expressions Night - Open-Mic

Introducing a variety of Francophone talents – music, poetry, improvisation, monologues – to highlight the Francophone cultural scene and expose McGill students to the cultural expressions of their peers. Students are asked to register spontaneously the evening of the event. Not only will there be snacks and refreshments, but the Classical Music Club will be invited to liven up intermissions with musical improvisations (jam-sessions!).

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March 21

11:30 to 1 pm

Arts 350

Conference: À la recherche d’une pleine conscience des genres : une expérience de traductrice rabat-joie

As part of the Francofête, the course FREN 341 - Traduction et recherche 1 : « La traduction inclusive » will be open to the public. On the menu: a conference by Madeleine Stratford, professor at Université du Québec en Outaouais about Carnets d'une féministe rabat-joie (Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 2018) and her translation of Notes from a Feminist Killjoy by Erin Wunker (BookThug, 2016).

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March 21

6 to 8 pm


AMLF French Game Night

The Arts Multimedia Language Facility (AMLF) and Lingo Buddies invite you to a fun evening of gaming in French. Board games are available and we will be hosting a competition for Astronautes FLS, a mobile game to help you practice speaking and listening. Join us in the AMLF Lounge (MS-10). Bring your smartphone and get ready to shout!

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People dancing

March 22

3 to 4 pm

Arts Lounge (Leacock basement)


Come enjoy a sportive moment in French to the beat of Djamboola! This dance workshop combines African cardio dance rhythm and other forms of dance from around the world. Choreography and trainer Richard “Rich'Art" Laubonet, who invented the Djamboola, will introduce you to this dance whose popularity has spread across the world.

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March 22

9 am to 5 pm

Thomson House, ballroom

LUDIQUES. Quand la littérature se met en jeu 

"LUDIQUES. Quand la littérature se met en jeu" is the 11th yearly student conference of the Association des étudiant.e.s en langue et littérature françaises inscrit.e.s aux études supérieures (ADELFIES). Its aim is to hold a series of reflections on the numerous connections between games and literature through a variety of contributions presented by students from McGill and elsewhere, with sessions extending throughout the day. Professors Audrey Coussy and Laurance Ouellet-Tremblay (McGill) will conclude the day with a conference of their own. 

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Museum Workshop Art

March 22

2:30 to 4:30 pm

Musée des beaux-arts

Pareil pas pareil Art Workshop

The Pareil pas pareil  workshop is organized in collaboration with the MBAM. In the form of discussion and reflection activities, the workshop is an artistic journey on the theme of Identity.

Are we multiple persons at the same time? What influence does our environment have on us? Is our body ours? Come explore the many facets of your identity at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts!

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Play Preview

March 22

7:30 pm

La maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal

De Chien-Canard à Solaris : Le château (Theatre Play)

*Reserved for Franco-Fun language partnering program participants. Enjoy a free play in full creation – half story and half science fiction. The performance will be followed by a panel discussion about the creative processes with author, storyteller and actor Michael Faubert, and actress, playwright and artistic director of the Trident Theater in Quebec City Anne-Marie Olivier.

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March 23

12:30 to 6:30 pm

Cabane à sucre Les Fendilles sucrées

Sugar Shack Day Trip

Come spend the afternoon in an authentic family-run sugar shack an hour from Montreal! After eating a traditional Quebec meal, you will discover how maple syrup is made and try maple syrup poured over fresh snow!

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March 26

6 to 8:30 pm

Building-21, 651 Sherbrooke

Francophonie Forum

McGill’s Organisation de la Francophonie and Collectif de poésie invite you to discuss linguistic issues in the Francophone world! Mbaye Diouf, professor of French language and literature, Clara Dupuis-Morency, writer and literature professor, and Carol Jolin, president of the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l'Ontario will discuss Francophone identities as well as contemporary linguistic struggles. Snacks and refreshments will be available for a warm, laid-back evening!

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March 28

12 to 1 pm

Arts 210

Montreal as seen by... Anne-Marie Jean, President and Director of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Anne-Marie Jean will take part in the series Montréal vue par to talk about her vision of the city of Montréal, as well as the place of the French language and the artistic field in Quebec. An informal meeting, this event seeks to establish a friendly contact, open for discussion. Bagels and cream cheese for everyone.

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March 28

18 h 30 - 20 h 30

Arts 260

Movie Night with MSM

The McGill Society of Montreal, in collaboration with the French Language Center (FLC), is pleased to invite alumni to its first French movie night. Join us for the showing of Made in France, a detective thriller set in Paris. This film has only been projected once before – in fall 2015! The showing will be followed by a discussion hosted by our experienced language instructors.

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March 29

3 to 5 pm

Start: Arts Lobby

2019 Francofête City Race

Are you up to our challenge? Come tackle the circuit we’ve prepared for you across the city! Seize the opportunity to rediscover downtown Montreal before finals! You will get to see buildings, monuments and works of art in a whole new light.

You will be coupled with three other students who have different levels of proficiency in French (beginner to advanced). You could win Antidote softwares and other attendance prizes! The event will be followed by the French Language Center’s closing ceremony, that will bring together all those who contributed to the success of our activities!

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March 13 to 28
  • Wednesday, March 13 from 9:30 to 11:30 am in Arts 385: La Chine dans la littérature d’Ancien Régime (the subject of the class: The aesthetic of Chinoiserie in the 18th century)
  • Monday, March 18 from 1 to 2:30 pm, Bronfman 310: Littérature québécoise – Réjean Ducharme (the subject of the class: The plastic works of Réjean Ducharme/Roch Plante)
  • Wednesday, March 20, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Arts 210 : « Lunch-conference with Frédéric Charbonneau, author of Traversées (Leméac) and Les Ondes de choc. Paysage intérieur de Saint-Simon (Garnier) » :
  • Wednesday, March 20, 1 and 2:30 pm, Bronfman 310: Littérature québécoise – Réjean Ducharme (subject of the class: Michel Biron welcomes Élisabeth Nardout-Lafarge from Université de Montréal)
  • Thursday, March 28 mars, 8:30 to 10 am, Arts 230 : Littératures francophones (subject of the class: Maghreb’s feminine cinema)
Week of March 25

French at Work : Bring a Francophone colleague in class

During the week of march 25, bring a Francophone colleague in class for a French at Work workshop! On the menu: discussions about our experience as staff at McGill!


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