Before You Leave

What to do/what you need before taking the course

Obtain a "Letter of Permission Authorizing Study Away in the Summer Session" (from Student Affairs Office).

Obtain an "Authorization to Transfer Credits (IUT)" form (from Student Affairs Office).

  • Submit the appropriate form indicating your French academic background, provide copies of your completed transcripts from McGill, any other University, CEGEP attended and from your High School, including any advanced credit exams.
  • Have Centre form and other appropriate forms signed at the Centre.
  • Submit all documents (signed) to Student affairs Office to obtain faculty approval for STUDY AWAY.
Should you have any questions on how to apply for a study-away, please contact a program advisor directly. The French Language Centre’s mandate is only to pre-approve your French as a Second Language course(s) before you leave (see information below) and issue a recommendation for a transfer of credit once you have returned (see this page).

Once you have chosen your host university and the French as a Second Language course(s) you wish to take during your study-away, please follow these two steps:


Search McGill’s Course Equivalency System to see if the FSL course(s) you wish to take has (have) been already assessed. Make sure to include expired decisions while performing the search.

At this point, there are 3 possible scenarios:

 a)  If a course has previously been approved on the Course Equivalency System and the decision is not expired, it means you could receive FRSL credits for it. Go to step 2.
 b)  If a course is not on the Course Equivalency System, submit a new request. To do so, enter the relevant information about the course and upload the course syllabus to the database (make sure to use the course syllabus checklist).
 c)  If a course has previously been approved but the decision is expired, request a reassessment by clicking the “Request Reassessment” button.

For options b) and c) only:
Once all the necessary information has been entered correctly, the assessor at the French Language Centre will determine if the course in question is equivalent to an FRSL course at McGill. If that is the case, the assessor will process your request based on the course content, the number of hours of instruction and the methods of evaluation. To be approved, a course must be taken at an approved host university (see list here). This process usually takes 5-10 business days to complete. Please allow extra time during busy periods.

If your request is approved, the course will now appear as equivalent to “FRSL XXX” in the database. Note that a specific course equivalency will only be granted after the completion of the written and oral post-test, once you have returned.

Note: if you need assistance on how to navigate the McGill’s Course Equivalency System, please refer to the F.A.Q. or contact a program advisor directly.


Add the French as a Second Language course(s) you intend to take during your study-away to the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form, or MTCAF (see tutorial here). The MTCAF must accurately reflect the courses you are registered for at the host university. Please refer to this

A program advisor and/or IT Services (but not the French Language Centre) can help you navigate Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form, if need be. For deadlines, please also contact your faculty or program advisor directly.

Note: a summary of the procedure (Arts students) can be found here.

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