Safety & Security

At McGill, our students' well-being and safety always comes first. Although University Magazine ranked Montreal among the top 10 safest cities to live in, our university has a multitude of resources available to ensure each and every student feels secure on and around campus.

Security Services

Security Services is committed to supporting the goals and mission of the University by providing a safe and secure environment for all through guidance, prevention, and response.

What they do

  • Lost & Found is located in Burnside Hall, suite 120.
  • STOP anti-theft device program for laptops, with patented technologies including a tamper-proof anti-theft plate and indelible anti-theft tattoo. In addition, STOP registers valuable equipment in a recovery database.
  • Adapted Transport Services, available to McGill students who need mobility assistance around the downtown campus.
  • Exterior emergency phones (blue light). To use an emergency phone, simply press the red button and wait until you are connected to Security Services. A mobile patrol will be dispatched to your location to provide assistance if required.
  • Security Services Safety Escort (Downtown Only).  Security Services agents will provide a safety escort within certain limits of the downtown campus or to the nearest metro 24/7. Call 514-398-3000.
  • Self Defence Awareness for Women (RAD), a program of realistic self-defence tactics and techniques for women.

Contact them

Downtown Campus:
Burnside Hall, suite 120 link to map
Emergency line: 514-398-3000
For general inquiries, call 514-398-4556 or [at] (send an email).
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Macdonald Campus:
Laird Hall, suite 101 link to map
Emergency line: 514-398-7777
For general inquiries, call 514-398-7770 or [at] (send an email.)
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McGill Student Emergency Response Team (M-SERT)

The McGill Student Emergency Response Team (M-SERT) is a volunteer service supported by the SSMU whose members provide emergency first-aid services to McGill University and the Montreal community.

What they do

M-SERT supports first aid coverage to the McGill University Residences, as well as Frosh, Intramural Hockey, and many on- and off-campus events.

M-SERT volunteer members hold a valid certification at the Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Responder level. While responding, the M-SERT team operates in pairs, and carries a range of first-aid materials and equipment, including advanced equipment such as Epi-Pens, oxygen tanks, and Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

Contact them

McGill Security Emergency line: 514-398-3000
For general inquiries, call 514-398-5216 or msert.firstaid [at] (send an email).
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WALKSAFE is a volunteer SSMU service that provides free and confidential accompaniment for those who are walking at night. No matter what the reason, our volunteers will get you from A to B, safely, anywhere on the island of Montreal.

Our nightly service seeks to create a visible culture of safety in the Montreal community. WALKSAFE is available to any person or group of persons who want to use it. Safe-walks can be requested by phoning the WALKSAFE office at 514-398-2498. WALKSAFE operates on a first come, first serve basis and can take the metro, bus, and taxi.

Contact them

Sunday - Thursday: 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
Friday & Saturday: 9:00 pm - 3:00 am
Call 514-398-2498 or executive [at] (send an email.)
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Drivesafe is a volunteer SSMU service that operates vans which can drive students safely home for free, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 11 PM – 3 AM during the Fall and Winter terms. Drivesafe’s standard operating range is the island of Montreal. Students are encouraged to call and request a ride if they are feeling unwell or unsafe getting home on their own. 

Although Drivesafe tries to drive students who live off the island of Montreal, it is sometimes impossible due to the number of vans they have per night and the long wait list of students on the island. Therefore, in order for Drivesafe to be more efficient in transporting students near the campus and downtown, please arrange for other means of transportation.

Contact them

Call 514-398-8040 or send an email.
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