Money Matters

Financial management

Understanding your expenses is the first step in budgeting for your university career. If you budget carefully, you should be able to avoid some of the financial stress that can distract you from your studies. If you feel overwhelmed by your expenses or want some money management tips, sign up for a budgeting consultation, look at this financial FAQ, or contact the Scholarships and Student Aid Office to inquire about financial support.

Estimated Annual Cost of Living

Montreal's cost of living, while lower than in many North American cities, is nonetheless a concern to many students. If you are concerned about covering the cost of your studies, be sure to look into loan and bursary programs from McGill, your provincial/federal government or your country of residence.

To help you calculate your anticipated cost of living, take advantage of SSAO's Cost Calculator page.

Calculating your tuition and fees

Tuition rates depend on a number of variables, such as on your faculty, the degree you're pursuing, the number of course credits that you are registered for, and your residency status (Quebec, Out-of-Province Canadian, or International student). Visit the Student Accounts website for detailed information.

As well, compulsory fees ("non-tuition charges") will be added to your tuition, for things like student services and student societies. The Student Accounts website features a complete breakdown of these charges.

Other than Tuition and Administrative fees, most others, including those for residence and charges for printing from computer labs, are billed to your student account on a monthly basis. Interest charges will be applied to late payments.

Payment Methods

While student accounts offers many payment options, credit cards and in-person payments are not accepted. Online payments from a Canadian bank account are the easiest and most efficient way to ensure that your student fee account is paid on time. Consult the full list of payment methods.

Fee Statements

Electronic billing is the official means of delivering tuition statements to all McGill students. Your e-bill replaces paper fee statements and can be viewed online through Minerva.

All charges to your account will appear on your e-bill. You will be notified through your official McGill email address that your monthly e-bill is ready to be viewed on Minerva. Under the Student Accounts Menu, go to the e-Billing and e-Payment Menu to view the monthly billing statement. E-bills are issued within the first 5 days of every month and are due 23-25 days later.

Learn more about e-Billing on the Student Accounts website.

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