Student Societies

Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)

Your (undergraduate) student union. SSMU speaks out for you and advocates for your interests. On the local, university level this means being your representation to the McGill administration. On the broader level, SSMU is also a strong advocate for accessible, quality, public education.

Every undergraduate student, upon enrolling at McGill, is a member of the SSMU.

What they do

  • University Centre/Shatner Building, the hub of undergraduate student life on the downtown campus, which houses lounge space, a cafeteria, the campus bar, all of SSMU's student-run services, events hosted by clubs and more. Please note that the University Centre is currently undergoing renovations; check the SSMU website for more information regarding current locations during the university centre building closure.
  • Over 260 active student clubs, services, and independent student groups.
  • Activities Night, a twice-yearly event showcasing engagement opportunities through SSMU and other campus groups.
  • Representation for all undergraduate students on the downtown campus through 13 elected student Senators who sit on McGill University’s Senate Committee and 38 elected student Councillors who make decisions about the operations of SSMU.
  • Supplemental health insurance for undergraduate Canadian residents. For more information on your plan, visit
  • Publications, such the SSMU Handbook.
  • MiniCourses, fun, inexpensive, non-credit courses held on weeknights or weekends that offer you the chance to learn how to Salsa, play the guitar, speak French/Spanish, cook, bartend, and more!
  • Gerts, the undergraduate campus bar where you can drop by to hang out and relax.
  • Daycare offering full-time childcare for children ranging in age from 18 months to 5 years, and nursery offering full-time daycare for infants 4 months to 18 months of age.

Contact them

3600 McTavish, suite 1200. link to map
Call 514-398-6800 or frontctr [at] (send an email).
link to website link to instagram

Macdonald Campus Students’ Society (MCSS)

The MCSS is involved in all campus activities including both social and academic affairs, club coordination, and doing whatever possible to influence University policies in ways that they may best serve the student body at McGill’s Macdonald Campus in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Student participation is a must in order for the MCSS to continue to operate. Students are encouraged to approach the MCSS with any questions or ideas they might have. Anyone who wishes to organize their own club is also encouraged to approach the MCSS for both financial and administrative aid.

What they do

  • Student clubs.
  • Robber’s Roost Bookstore.
  • The Mouthpiece e-publication, the number one way to stay on top of all events happening at Mac.
  • The Ceilidh Pub, which also serves as a place to lounge, study, and eat during the week.
  • Lost & Found for the Macdonald campus.
  • Room bookings for the Ceilidh, Ballroom, or Conference room.

Contact them

Centennial Centre, room 101 (Mac)  link to map
Call 514-398-8787 or send an email.
link to website

Faculty/School Associations and Societies

Each Faculty/School on campus has a student society that represents the students and enhances the student life of that particular Faculty/School. These societies represent their members at university systems, communicate with their membership through various platforms, organize social and academic events, operate services, and much more! Departmental groups may also exist under certain Faculty Associations.

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