Summer Send-Offs

Get ready. Get excited. Go!

#McGillSendOffs registration is OPEN! Meet incoming freshmen, talk to current students and grads, and learn about living in Montreal.  Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date info on events in HONG KONG, KUALA LUMPUR, PARIS, SHANGHAI, NEW YORK, BOSTON, TORONTO, VANCOUVER, AND CALGARY!

The transition from high school, CEGEP or another university to McGill can be a challenging experience. That’s why the McGill Alumni Association (MAA) created the Send-Offs Program.  Held every summer in cities around the world, Send-Offs are a great way for incoming McGill students to meet other freshmen from their area before leaving for Montreal.

For more information, visit the Alumni Association website or contact them by sendoffs.alumni [at] (email).