McGill 101: Online Orientation

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Say goodbye to pre-university confusion and frustration - McGill 101 has arrived! McGill 101 is a virtual summer orientation platform for new McGill undergraduates with videos, quizzes, checklists, and more!

 With information on everything from course registration, student finances, to making connections at McGill , McGill 101 is an invaluable resource to kick-start the whole of your McGill career. Modules will be released periodically throughout the summer so be sure to check McGill 101 each week!

You’ll be able to access McGill 101 right from your myCourses homepage. It will be listed at the top as "McGill 101". All new undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in McGill 101 in the summer. You will be notified of your enrolment through an e-mail from Campus Life & Engagement.

 Participation in McGill 101 is not mandatory, nor is it for credit. You can access the space at any time throughout the summer and the whole of your first year at McGill. However, each time you complete an activity, you will be entered in our end of summer prize draw! The more activities you complete the higher your chances of winning a prize! 


Watch our Intro to McGill 101 Video

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