Sometimes the words Frosh and Orientation are used interchangeably, but here at McGill, those words mean very specific things.

"Orientation Week" is a period encompassing all the different events for incoming students hosted by a number of groups.
"Frosh" is a multi-day event, coordinated by either a club, group, or Faculty student association and is primarily comprised of social activities. Frosh is part of the larger Orientation Week.

Frosh is a completely student-run event, organized by nearly 100 different “Coordinators” across the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU), 12 undergraduate faculty, departmental, or school associations (“Faculty Frosh”), and 5 organizing committees made up of different interest groups (“Non-Faculty Frosh”), with support from staff at Student Services’ Campus Life & Engagement office. Over 800 student volunteers act as "Leaders" throughout the week, guiding groups of new students, and the events are supported logistically by over 350 Operations Staff ("O-Staff").

While Frosh has been in the news a great deal lately, we can tell you that we are very proud at McGill to say that the student executives and volunteers tasked with organizing Frosh events have committed to a variety of goals and initiatives that have ensured that McGill’s incoming class enjoys the safest, most entertaining week possible, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the event. In fact, Frosh at McGill has also been in the news - for all the positive work and changes that have been made! Check out some of the positive press that Frosh at McGill has made:

If you have any questions about Frosh at McGill, please contact orientation-development [at] (Campus Life & Engagement's Orientation Development Specialist)