Undergraduate Students

Congratulations and welcome to McGill!

We hope you are excited about starting your undergraduate studies at McGill. We are! Since this is your first time at McGill University, it’s important for you to know that Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E, pronounced "clay") is here for you. As a service for everyone “new” at McGill, our office provides year-long support for new McGill students and/or first-time university students. Please don't hesitate to contact us, especially when you aren’t sure where to go with your questions or concerns. We are a phone call, email or drop-in visit away from helping you find the answers to your questions.

In the meantime and before you arrive on campus, help yourself have a strong start to your McGill career by taking the time to read the following important University Welcome message.

From your First-Year Coordinator

Hello and welcome to all,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to McGill University and to congratulate you on beginning this exciting stage of your life! As the First-Year Coordinator in Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E, pronounced “clay”), one of my roles is to help you become aware of the vast resources available on campus that will provide you with continued support throughout your studies. In fact, Campus Life & Engagement is your “first-year office”, so to speak, in that we are the one office on campus dedicated to serving all students who are attending McGill for the first time, and where all new students can find answers to questions or concerns. All of us in CL&E are here to help you & McGill get acquainted as quickly as possible so that you can get involved and make the most of your time at McGill. We want to help you become an active member that helps build and shape the McGill Community in the years ahead.

I urge you to reach out, not only to the resources at your disposal, but to the people around you. Invest in friendships, relationships, and most importantly, in yourself. We understand that McGill University is only one step in your journey and while you are here, please take advantage of your time. Confidently move forward to build the life you want! You are here to learn and invest in your future, and we have countless resources at your fingertips to allow you to be the best “you” possible. McGill University is here to help you discover and build your potential.

We look forward to meeting as many of you as we can at one of the various events we host during the year. Of course, all the knowledge contained in this website, and more, can also be accessed by picking up the phone, sending an email, or coming to visit us at CL&E.

On behalf the Campus Life & Engagement team, I wish you all a truly joyful and rewarding McGill experience!  Good luck. We look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,

Leslie Copeland

First-Year Coordinator

Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E)