Second-Year Experience

Although your first year is over, we continue to support you throughout your educational journey here at McGill. We are sure that you have learned a few tips and tricks navigating McGill; however, we're here to remind and encourage you to take advantage of many other resources that will help you thrive in your second year! 

Second-Year Undergrads

Programming & Webinars

Second-Year Grads

Programming & Webinars

In order to avoid the "sophomore slump", CL&E, working with other units on campus, has identified a few key areas second-year students may require support in. 

Academic Tips

Learn from your peers! Check out How I Learn Best!

  1. Check out Teaching and Learning Services' list of successful learning strategies
  2. Check out Tutorial Services' learning support resources
  3. Find a tutor here!
  4. Check out faculty-specific academic resources here.

Major Tips

Second-year undergraduate students are typically required to declare their major(s) and minor(s). Here are a few tips:

  1. Remember to consult with your academic advisor AND your departmental advisor. Your academic advisor is here to make sure that you meet all your graduation requirements. Your departmental advisor makes sure you meet your program (aka major) requirements. Refer to the advisor directory to contact your advisors. 
  2. Check out the e-Calendar for a list of up-to-date programs and their requirements. 

Career Tips

  1. Schedule a meeting with a career advisor from Career Planning Services!
  2. Explore career options by major!
  3. Check out the list of career education programming

Engagement, Volunteering and Getting Involved

McGill is more than just going to class! Have you ever considered getting involved on campus? If you missed your chance in your first year, don't worry! You still have time. For current opportunities, check out the Engage McGill website! Also, the Students Helping Students website has a list of peer support opportunities you can get involved with! If you need a little incentive to get started, make sure you check out CL&E's Top 10 Reasons To Get Involved At McGill University as well as the short video below:


Renting an apartment works a little differently in Quebec than the rest of Canada, so we recommend checking out McGill’s Off-Campus Housing website to learn about the basics.

We also encourage you to view McGill’s Good Neighbour Guide, a comprehensive document with information on living and renting in Montreal.

If you would like to learn more about what it’s like to live in the city of Montreal, visit our Montreal Essentials page.

Did you know that full-time students can get a discount on a monthly OPUS transit card? An OPUS card is your pass to Montreal’s public transit! This will ensure you get to explore all that Montréal has to offer, all without breaking the bank.

If you are living off campus in your second year, be sure to check out the Off-Campus & Commuter Student Support website. It contains useful information for commuter and off-campus students!

Finances Tips

  1. Check out the Frugal Scholars Program created by the Scholarships & Student Aid office. 
  2. Book an appointment with a financial aid counselor if you need help with managing your budget and/or debt. 
  3. Check out the Frugal Scholars Cheap and Tip Sheets to help you save some $$$. 

Email Archives 

Throughout the summer, CL&E will send you emails that contain important resources for your second year! If for some reason we missed you, please find all the email archives below:



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