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Family/Parents of New Students

Arrival at McGill is a big event — not just for students, but for parents and families of new students as well.

Parents and family members  of new students should always feel welcome to call (514-398-6913), email (cle [at] mcgill [dot] ca), or visit (Brown Student Services Building, 3600 McTavish Street, Suite 3100) Campus Life & Engagement if they have any questions.


Parents Association

Since 1963, the McGill Parents Association has offered the families of McGill students ways to take part in the life of the University. Visit their website to join or learn more about the Parents Handbook, Parents Week and other resources. If you can't find answers to your questions online, call the Parents Association Coordinator at 514-398-6441 (toll free:1-800-567-5175 ext. 6441).