Want to hear from some McGill experts, while you sit in the comfort of your own home? 
Then you should look into joining a McGill pre-arrival webinar that's designed to help you both before and after your arrival at McGill!

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Upcoming Pre-Arrival Webinars organized by Campus Life & Engagement

There are no upcoming webinars scheduled at this time. Please check back soon! Recordings of our past webinars are available below. 


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Recordings of Past Webinars from Campus Life & Engagement

University 101

During this webinar series, we explained what McGill's academic year looks like, how McGill's faculties, schools and programs are structured, and reviewed important course registration info. We also provided you with essential resources, tips and tools for you to take advantage of now before your arrival at McGill. 

Click on the links below to be directed to a recording of each webinar. Please note that each webinar follows the same presentation script, but contains a Question & Answer segment at the end with varying information. 


What I Wish I Had Known as a First-Year (Student Panel) 

During this webinar series, current McGill students provided tips and honest advice they wish they had received when they were in first year. Click on the links below to be directed to a recording of each webinar. Please note that both webinars follow the same presentation structure, but contain multiple Question & Answer segments with varying information. We recommend listening to both recordings to get the most information! 

Living Off-Campus

This webinar was hosted by the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Support team at CL&E, as well as Student Housing & Hospitality Services. These webinars introduced the services, resources, and communities available to you as a McGill student living off-campus (i.e. not in a McGill Residence). Follow the links below to be directed to a recording of each webinar.

Getting Involved at McGill

The most frequent advice upper-year McGill students offer to the entering class is to get involved. Research has shown that getting involved can help university students transition successfully into their first year, since it allows them to connect with peers and to their new community. This webinar provided information on the benefits of getting involved and outlined the steps students should take to become engaged outside of the classroom. Click on the links below to be directed to a recording of each webinar.

You can also view and download the Getting Involved at McGill PowerPoint presentation


Tips for a Healthy First Year

This webinar was hosted by Healthy McGill, the University's health promotion team, and provided valuable and practical tips to help new students achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle at McGill. Topics covered include coping with stress, building healthy relationships at university, being active, and more! Click on the link below to be directed to a recording of the webinar. 


For Parents and Guardians: How to Support Your New McGill Student 

Listen to Leslie Copeland, McGill's First-Year Coordinator, share information and advice on how parents and guardians can help new students prepare for the transition to life at McGill. Topics covered include the role of parents and guardians in the transition process, logistical issues that may arise, resources and services that can help with transitioning, and the role of Campus Life & Engagement in supporting new students. Click on the link below to be directed to a recording of the webinar.

You can also view and download the How to Support Your New McGill Student PowerPoint presentation


Sex, Sexuality & University

In this session, the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education (O-SVRSE) debunked myths about sex and sexuality at university and talked about boundary setting, sexual consent and power dynamics. Participants learned how to communicate desires and wants while respecting the boundaries and pleasures of their partner(s). Special focus was placed on sexual diversity and how to give affirmative consent or turn people down considerately. Click on the link below to be directed to a recording of the webinar.


Other Pre-Arrival Webinars and Online Events at McGill

An archive of webinars for newly admitted students is available on the I've Been Accepted website.

New international students: Pre-Arrival Webinars from International Student Services (ISS) provide information for everything you need to know about immigration, health insurance, and how various systems work in Canada (banking, cell phones, public transit, etc.).

The Office for Students with Disabilities hosts live online Q&A info sessions for incoming students throughout the summer.