Montreal Essentials

By deciding to come to McGill, you’ll not only be attending one of the best universities in the world, you'll also be living in one of its most amazing cities.

McGill is located in the heart of Montreal, one of the largest French-language cities in the world and one of North America’s most cosmopolitan, dynamic and multicultural metropolises. It combines all the amenities of a large modern city with a rich history and diverse landscape, and provides a host of exciting cultural opportunities to explore. This section is a quick guide to help you find nearby necessities and start your discovery of the city.

Of course, the best way to discover more about the city is to get out there. If you only stick to the “McGill bubble”, you won’t really be able to say you got to live in Montreal!

In this section: 

City Information

Language, Transportation, Weather, News, Phones


Residences, Off-Campus Housing (Apartment Hunting Tips)


Banking, Cell Phone, Internet, Apartment Insurance, Daycare



Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Activities and Events 

Museums & Galleries, Music & Nightlife, Parks, Sports, Shopping


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