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Leadership Training Program


The Leadership teams and the First-Year Office became a new team called Campus Life & Engagement in 2013.  You'll find us in suite 3100 of the Brown Student Services Building.

As a McGill student, you are part of an active campus and community that offers many opportunities for leadership. At Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E), we believe that leadership can be learned and developed, and that anyone can be involved in the leadership process. CL&E is here to help you navigate the different opportunities on campus and connect you to roles that build on your interests, passions, and skills. You’ll soon see that there is a great deal of learning happening inside the classroom, and there are also many opportunities for learning and development available outside the classroom. Whether you consider yourself an involved student or are looking to get more involved now at university, Campus Life & Engagement is excited to offer different programs, services, and resources designed to support your success throughout your life at McGill and beyond!

Now is the time!

Make the most of your McGill experience by getting involved and developing your capacity to make positive change on campus and in the community.

 Offerings will include:

  • Fellow students who can help you discover leadership opportunities that speak to your passions and interests.
  • Interactive mini-workshops to build on and expand your skill sets.
  • Workshops to learn about relevant subjects that develop your capacity to become an active campus community member.
  • Conferences to  help you connect to interests, passions, opportunities, and collaborators.
  • Facilitation skills development and practical experience through CL&E opportunities and offerings.
  • And more!

 For further information please contact:

Joan Butterworth
Leadership Training Facilitator
514-398-8991 / 514-398-6913
leadership [dot] training [at] mcgill [dot] ca (E-mail)