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Discover McGill Graduate Orientation is your chance to learn all about the services, resources, and opportunities dedicated to supporting the success of graduate students at McGill. It's also a great opportunity to connect directly with service representatives and have your questions answered in real time. Please note that Graduate Orientation 2021 will be held virtually.

Discover McGill Graduate Orientation is divided into three parts:

  • Grads Connect (GX) - GX brings you fun social networking, team-based activities, and prizes to help you connect with other incoming students before your studies begin.

  • Graduate Orientation Workshops - A series of virtual workshops, funding information sessions, and student panels to help prepare you for the upcoming term. 

  • Discover McGill Gradate Service Fair - The Graduate Services Fair allows you to interact one-on-one with representatives of the most important services, resources, and opportunities for graduate services. 

Read on for more detailed event descriptions, and keep an eye on your inbox for a complete schedule and your invitation to register for Graduate Orientation in July.

Grads Connect - Date and Time TBA

Grads Connect (GX) kicks off with engaging social networking and team-building activities to connect graduate students with one another. Attendees will also get more familiar with important locations on campus and some of the great resources at their disposal. If you are interested in meeting other incoming graduate students and having fun, this is the event for you!

Graduate Orientation Workshops - August 18, 19 & 23-25

While the exact schedule of the Graduate Orientation Workshops will be released in July, you can view descriptions of the 2020 sessions below for an example of what you can expect this year.

Session Descriptions

Writing & Communication: How Graphos Supports You from Start to Finish

  • Description: Clarity, concision, and coherence are the hallmarks of effective communication. Graphos, McGill’s graduate communication program, focuses on teaching graduate students and postdocs how to develop well-crafted manuscripts and oral presentations.
  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • The variety of Graphos offerings, including 1-credit courses, brief workshops, and other writing events.
    • You will also engage with the group to exchange strategies and tools for becoming a more effective communicator.

Pathways and Plans: Career Development for Graduate Students

  • Description: Come to this workshop to learn about strategies to support your professional and career development while at McGill, including MyPath and the resources at the Career Planning Service.
  • Learning Outcomes: You will learn about:
    • Different ways you can understand your strengths and skills.
    • How creating an individual development plan can help you achieve your goals.
    • The variety of services and programs CaPS offers.

Academic Culture for Graduate Students

  • Description: International Students can use this workshop to prepare for academic culture at the graduate level in North America (and specifically at McGill) in this helpful session addressing cultural differences and opportunities in the classroom.
  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • Identify specific features of the academic culture at McGill University
    • Integrate your understanding on such features with your own educational background towards better dealing with individuals (instructors and other students)
    • Identify important academic demands and prioritize commitments
    • Develop initial strategies to maintain successful progress throughout your first terms with us

Fellowship Sessions

  • Description: Looking for money to fund your graduate studies? Join us for the Graduate Fellowships Info Sessions. As a graduate student, you can apply for a fellowship to receive government funding for one or multiple years of your degree! Fellowship sessions are offered by McGill professors who have reviewed applications for the respective funding agency at the federal or provincial level, and by graduate students who have received the respective fellowship. In these interactive panel sessions, information and tips are provided to help you write a winning fellowship application. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about required document, content and writing format, what to include in the CV, and more! Please come ready with your questions!
  • See which of the 6 sessions is for you at: 

Leadership Development for Graduate Students

  • Description: Graduate students have many opportunities to develop and apply new skills as they step into leadership roles during their studies. This introductory session will help you to navigate many of McGill’s offerings for graduate and postdoctoral students (and some Montreal ones as well) so that you can more readily find your way considering your interests and passions! Also, enjoy activities to facilitate networking with your colleagues!
  • Learning Outcomes: You will learn about:
    • Leadership opportunities within McGill and Montreal
    • Identifying the essentials of Leadership
    • Networking with Colleagues


  • Description: Come join your fellow entering classmates in an engaging virtual social event! Expect: FUN, a chance to meet other incoming grad students, and did we mention FUN?! 

Supervision Basics

  • Description: Wondering how to establish a healthy relationship between you and your supervisor? Join us for this presentation and learn about the importance of the supervisory relationship and the impact it can have on your graduate experience. You will be introduced to strategies for building and maintaining a positive supervisory relationship, as well as learn where to turn for support with disputes and misunderstandings.
  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • Have a better understanding of graduate supervision at McGill
    • Have strategies for navigating your supervisory relationship
    • Know where you can turn for support

Library Research Essentials for Grads

  • Description: Learn now, save time later. Preview the content of upcoming graduate research workshops. Uncover the diverse collections and services that the library has to offer. Discover how to access the library’s electronic resources anytime and anywhere.
  • Learning Outcomes: You will learn how to:
    • Identify how the library can support your studies.
    • Navigate the library’s website to get started.

Remote Learning for Graduate Students

  • Description: Moving into a remote learning environment can offer a new level of flexibility and independence for graduate students. It also comes with a new set of challenges. This webinar will help you understand how to: give your day structure, utilize your study space, stay organized and practice digital wellness. Together these skills will allow you to be confident and prepared for the start of the new semester allowing you to make the most of the remote learning experience. Hosted by Tutorial Services. 
  • Learning Outcomes:
    • Know how to manage your time effectively and maintain motivation when working in a remote environment.
    • Understand how to organize your study space and materials in order to maintain structure and focus.
    • Learn about digital wellness and how to plan with our family and friends in mind.

Where Does Faith Fit in? Creating Cultures of Inclusion for Religions, Secular, and Spiritual Identities

  • Description: Whether you’re religious, secular or somewhere in between, this workshop will expand your understanding of how inner wellness impacts student success.
  • Learning Outcomes:
    • To become familiar with the religious landscape in Canada, Montreal, and at McGill
    • To understand how faith & spirituality can enhance wellness and success
    • To learn what resources are available to support personal growth/spiritual practice

Harm Reduction

  • Description: In this workshop our facilitators will empower you with information to help yourself or help others make informed choices about harm reduction including alcohol and drug use. Learn to identify things to consider before going out, discover harm reduction techniques for common substances, and build the skills to be a person that others can approach about these topics
  • Learning Outcomes:
    • To learn about the role of the Wellness Advisor and other resources in your harm reduction network
    • To identify harm reduction strategies
    • To explore different dimensions of harm reduction
    • To begin to develop a comfort with harm reduction
    • To begin to create your harm reduction wellness plan to keep you safe

Money Matters

  • Description: The Scholarship and Student Aid office will provide an overview of their services, a guide to financial planning for graduate studies and an explanation of the Financial Aid and Awards Menu on Minerva. The session will include up to date information on how the office is assisting students during modified campus operations.
  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • An understanding of how the Scholarship and Student Aid Office supports graduate students with a focus on financial planning and the web-based resources used to access our services.


  • Description: Attend this workshop to learn about McGill’s Local Wellness Advisors and explore the different dimensions of wellness. You will have the opportunity to identify your specific strengths and needs, learn about what actions you can take, and begin to create your own wellness plan.
  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • To learn about the role of the Wellness Advisor
    • To explore different dimensions of wellness
    • To identify your strengths/needs
    • To learn what action you can take
    • To begin to create your wellness plan

Know Your (Student and Legal) Rights

  • Description: The Legal Information Clinic at McGill will introduce students to the three services they offer: legal information, student advocacy and community services. In this workshop, participants will also learn about the university policies and procedures that apply to them as graduate students. They will also gain information on relevant aspects of employment and tenancy law in Quebec.
  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • Be introduced to the Legal Information Clinic at McGill and the legal resources available to you.
    • Learn about your rights as students, specifically those rights that relate to plagiarism and supervisor relationships.
    • Learn about employment and tenancy law in Quebec.

Non-Thesis Basics

  • Description: Wondering how to navigate your way through a non-thesis program at McGill? Join us for this presentation and learn about the non-thesis students’ graduate experience, key people to whom you can turn for support, and the various university resources available to guide you along the way.
  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • Have a better understanding of the non-thesis graduate experience at McGill
    • Have a better understanding of the available resources and support

What I Wish I Knew (WIWIK) Student Panel

  • Description: Hosted by CL&E, come and ask your questions to a panel of upper year McGill Grad students about their personal Grad School experiences. This event gives you the change to get to know different tips and tricks from upper year students and get excited for the upcoming semester!

Discover McGill Graduate Services Fair - Date and Time TBA

The virtual Graduate Orientation Services Fair is the perfect opportunity for you to interact one-on-one with representatives from dozens of the most important services and offices dedicated to supporting McGill's graduate students. Take the opportunity to learn about the resources these services provide and have your questions answered live.

Studying on Mac Campus?

Macdonald Campus students should attend the Discover McGill Graduate Orientation events. Additional events specific to Macdonald Campus students (new graduate students in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences) will be shared on the Macdonald Campus Graduate Student Orientation site

PGSS Orientation & Social Events

Your Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS) plans a number of social and informative events for new grad students. This year's events include a Music Festival, a Comedy Show, Health Insurance info-sessions, and a lot more! These events are great opportunities to network and meet new friends, explore Montreal, and inform yourself about resources available to you.

The dates and times of the PGSS Orientation events are TBA.

Departmental Orientations

Dates Vary

Take advantage of orientation and information sessions organized by your department. For information on departmental orientations, wait to hear from your department or contact your Graduate Program Coordinator (for contact information, consult the list of graduate program contacts).

International Students Opportunities

International Student Services (ISS) offers orientation and transition support programming for new international students. Ensure you don't miss out by checking out the International Student Services Orientation website!

Sustainable Event Certification

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We are proud to announce that our events, Grads Connect, the DMGO Workshop sessions, and Virtual Services Fair have been awarded certification by the McGill Sustainable Events program run by the McGill Office of Sustainability.


Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que notre événement a été certifié comme événement durable par le programme Événements durables McGill du Bureau du développement durable de l’Université McGill.


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