Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Creating an inclusive environment on campus takes active and ongoing effort from all of us. CL&E acknowledges that specific student populations including students with disabilities, Indigenous students, and students with families and dependents, all face distinct challenges within higher education.

Whether you're looking for first-year support or searching for ways to get involved in creating a more equitable space, McGill has resources for you. If you're looking for a specific resource that doesn't exist yet, CL&E can offer guidance in how to get started in creating your own, and how to partner with existing student groups for initiatives.

Students with Disabilities

  • New students are encouraged to book an appointment with an Access Advisor to discuss barriers, resources and potential accommodations for their time at McGill.
  • Note-sharing support is a peer-based volunteer note-sharing service that provides accommodation for those students who experience disability-related barriers that affect the ability to take course notes.
  • Tutorial Services offers learning strategies and resources to support students in their academic learning.
  • The Office for Students with Disabilities offers Access Technology resources to help students with online learning and other area such as Text to Speech support.

These are just a few of the services and resources offered by the Office for Students with Disabilities and Tutorial Services.

Students with Families and Dependents

Indigenous Students

  • The Indigenous Initiatives unit at McGill is the central information hub pertaining to different Indigenous programs taking place throughout the McGill Campus.
  • The First Peoples’ House helps provide a sense of community for all Indigenous students throughout their time as “McGillians”. The team provides students with academic support, campus support and cultural support, which includes the Indigenous Student Mentorship Program and the Indigenous Education Program.The First Peoples' House Facebook page also actively posts job opportunities and information for students.
  • SSMU's Indigenous Student Alliance provides support for the Indigenous students to connect and partner with other university groups and organizations to foster a community of togetherness.
  • The McGill Indigenous Studies Program in the Faculty of Arts provides students with a broad interdisciplinary approach to key topics in the historical, social and cultural dimensions of Indigenous life on Turtle Island (North America).
  • Indigenous Access McGill is a support program for Indigenous students in the School of Social Work. This group helps the students with the admissions process and academic support throughout their studies.
  • The McGill Student Indigenous Studies Journal is a McGill student Facebook support community that explores, shares, and provides learning opportunities for anyone interested in Indigenous Studies and highlights information on the various organizations, events, and ongoing initiatives that are of interest to the indigenous community.
  • The Indigenous Law Association is a bilingual club of the McGill Faculty of Law that advocates for the understanding of Indigenous living legal traditions.
  • The McGill Aboriginal Health Interest Group Facebook group based in the Faculty of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences who promotes healthy living.
  • The Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment is located on MAC campus and is an independent, multi-disciplinary research and education center that address their concerns about the integrity of their traditional food systems.

LGBTQIA2S+ Students

First Generation Students

  • The First Generation Student Support project is aimed at supporting the first generation students throughout their time at McGill.
  • The First Generation Welcome Reception and Orientation provides students the opportunity to learn about available resources, strategies for self-care, alumni networking, and peer support.
  • 1st Up is an ongoing support group that offers emotional and academic support in a peer-to-peer setting.

Communities for Racialized Students at McGill

Religious and Spiritual Students

  • The McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (MORSL) welcomes all students of any faith or religious denomination. They offer multi-faith information, resources, services, and events, free of charge.
  • There are various orientation activities like McGill Muslim Frosh, Jewish Frosh, and Fish Frosh which focus primarily on Muslim, Jewish and Christian students respectively.

Francophone Students

Visit the Étudiants francophones page of our first-year website.


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