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Top Common Errors

Details in the Trip Purpose field are insufficient

Be sure to include where you went, for what reason, and dates of the trip/conference.

Include persons or organizations visited, and the full conference name (no acronyms) if applicable.

If goods/items were purchased, clearly explain what was purchased, why, the quantity etc.

Discrepancies in amounts claimed (hardcopy vs Minerva)

Ensure that entered receipt amounts in Minerva match the submitted receipts.

Ensure the Amount due to claimant displayed on the printed and signed copy of the expense report matches the electronic version of the claim in Minerva.

Expenses pertaining to the same trip are reported on more than one expense report

Include all incurred expenses and all associated advances for a trip on the same expense report.

Missing signatures

Ensure that the Claimant has signed the request – this cannot be delegated.

Ensure that the Fund Financial Manager (FFM) or Principal Investigator (PI) for each fund charged (or their delegate) has signed the expense report.

  • If the FFM or PI is the Claimant (or is the recipient of a claimed expense item), ensure their ‘One-Up’ has signed the expense report.

Further guidelines must be followed when charging Tri-Agency grants

No documentation attached to the claim to support the travel

When no other expenses are being claimed aside from conference registration, attach official supporting documentation (e.g. prospectus or program, invite letter or email correspondence).

Proof of payment is missing from receipts

Ensure that all receipts include proof of payment or show a zero balance.

  • If needed for proof of payment, credit card chit or credit card statement may be attached (be sure to black out the PAN except for the last 4 digits).
  • For receipts paid in cash, write “cash” on the receipts.

Quotation for airfare is missing when personal travel is included in the airfare receipt

Attach an airfare quotation for the itinerary purely related to University business (i.e. that excludes avoidable stopovers and trip extensions).

Receipt is missing

Ensure that all original paper or printed electronic receipts are attached for all expense items. The associated expense item number, from the Minerva expense report, should be written on each receipt.

Third party payment details are incorrect/incomplete

Ensure that the full mailing address of the Third party is entered – this cannot be a McGill address.

If the mailing address is in the United States, Unites States Dollars must be selected for the Cheque Currency type field.

If making a Third party payment to a Visitor/Organization outside of North America, in another currency, complete wire transfer banking information must be attached including the currency in which payment is to be issued. If "Other" is selected as the Cheque currency type, the currency in which payment is to be issued must be included in the Describe Purpose field.

Use of research funds for non-eligible expenses (office supplies, home Internet charges)

Consult the Expense Eligibility Grid or your local FST (teams listing)/Fund Administrator to ensure expenses are eligible. If expenses are not an obvious direct cost of research, and are eligible, adequately describe how they are linked to the research to avoid disallowance.

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