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Guidelines for McGill’s Professional Development Fund for Eligible Academics

As of June 1st, 2016, send your completed reimbursement form and original receipts to:

Budget and Resources Officer
Office of the Associate Provost, Budget and Resource
McGill University
James Administration Building, Room 633
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2T5

Any questions or comments should be directed to Cindy Bolduc by cindy [dot] bolduc [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) or at x.7185.


We are pleased to announce that the 2016-17 Academic Salary Policy provides for a Professional Development Fund for eligible academic staff members of $500 annually. Note that the Academic Salary Policy is based on the University Fiscal Year.


  • Tenure-track and tenured Assistant/Associate/Full Professors
  • Pre-tenure-track Assistant Professors (Special Category)
  • Assistant Professors (Special Category) appointed for a period of three years
  • Full-time campus-based Faculty Lecturers and Assistant/Associate/Full Professors (contract academic staff) with a minimum of three years of continuous service or who are currently on an appointment of three years duration or more
  • Assistant/Associate/Full Librarians (tenure-track, tenured and contract academic staff)

Current Reimbursement period:
May 01, 2016 to April 30, 2017 (deadline to submit expense report is April 15, 2017)

Annual Reimbursement amount: $500

Please note: The yearly Allowance of $500 can now be accumulated, to a maximum of $1,500, during the three-year period from May 01, 2014 – April 30, 2017. Any amount that was not reimbursed in 2014-2015 can be added to the 2015-2016 allowance, or accumulated and reimbursed in 2016-2017 (deadline: April 15, 2017). It is only possible to claim the $500 Allowance for 2016-2017 as of May 01, 2016.

Eligible expenses:

  1. Membership in scholarly societies (e.g. Strategic Management Society, Canadian Musical Heritage Society, etc.)
  2. Registration for scholarly meetings (e.g. conferences)
  3. Subscriptions to scholarly journals and purchases of scholarly books
  4. Computer Hardware: You are encouraged to purchase computers recommended by the Office of the CIO (laptops and administrative PCs). Other computer hardware expenses (i.e. desktop systems, laptops, and peripherals) may also be reimbursed. However, any hardware that is not recommended by the Office of the CIO will not be supported by McGill IT Customer Services.
  5. Computer Software: Software must be acquired via the McGill Software site to be eligible for reimbursement http://www.mcgill.ca/software/ and click: Software. Other software will be reimbursed only if it is not available on the McGill Software site.
  6. Travel and lodging costs related to attendance at scholarly meetings and professional conferences (conference prospectus or program required and reimbursable only once the trip has occurred)

As non-taxable benefits, all goods purchased through the Professional Development Fund remain the property of McGill University.

This fund is for University-related “out of pocket,” expenses only (no travel advance allowed). The reimbursement will be deposited directly into your bank account (same account as your pay deposit). Please note: reimbursements cannot be transferred to grants, special funds, FOAPALS and/or procurement cards.

Reimbursement process:

Reimbursements are to be submitted through Minerva Advances & Expense Reports > Submit an Expense Report > Start an Expense Report to be finished by Someone Else. For instructions consult our Knowledge Base article How to Request a Reimbursement through the Professional Development Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How do I receive the reimbursement and can it be transferred directly to my grant, procurement card (P-card) or FOAPAL?
Answer: The reimbursement can only be deposited directly into your bank account (same account as your pay deposit). You will receive an email notification from the Financial Services Department once the direct deposit has been made to your personal account.

Question: Are original receipts required?
Answer: All receipts must be originals. Photocopies or faxes are not accepted. In the case that your purchase was made via the web, a printed receipt is acceptable only if proof of payment is provided (e.g. Visa or bank statement, etc.).
Question: How many times can I submit a reimbursement form?
Answer: It is preferable that you gather your receipts and submit them all at once (maximum $500). Alternatively, you may submit more than one reimbursement form immediately following each individual transaction.
Question: Can I submit an invoice?
Answer: Invoices cannot be paid by this fund, it is strictly for reimbursement purposes.
Question: Who do I contact if I have not yet received my reimbursement?
Answer: Please contact cindy [dot] bolduc [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Cindy Bolduc)